TeamCity On-Premises 2024.03 Help

Project Home Page

This article gives an overview of the Project Home page of the new TeamCity UI. Most of its features are also available in the classic UI mode.

The Project Home page allows viewing the main information about the builds of the current project and its subprojects. It also gives quick access to most popular actions for managing builds.

This page has the following tabs:

  • Overview: gives a preview of the project's nested subprojects and build configurations. It has two main view modes: Builds (a hierarchy of build lists) and Trends (interactive graphs to preview the builds' trends and apply quick actions). When viewing trends, you can hover over any chart bar to instantly see more information about the respective build: its duration, queue statistics, test results, used agent, and more.
    This tab also allows you to quickly create nested projects down the hierarchy and configure favorite projects.

  • Investigations: shows active problem investigations in the current project.

  • Change Log: shows a detailed visual change log of the current project.

  • Statistics: shows custom statistics charts of the current project.

  • Current Problems: shows the actual build failures and failed tests of the current project.

  • Muted Problems: shows what build problems have been muted in the current project.

  • Build Chains: if the current project has build chains, shows their details and graphs (currently, this page uses the classic UI approach for visualization).

  • Flaky Tests: shows flaky tests of the current project.

From Project Home, you can switch to other view modes:

  • To switch to Project Settings, use the Edit project link in the upper right corner. To access a particular section of the settings, open the context menu to the right of this link.

  • To open Build Configuration Home of a particular nested build configuration, click its name in the list or its trends card.

  • To open Build Results of a particular build, expand its build configuration in a list and click the build's number. Or, when in the Trends mode, click the respective bar on a chart. Note that only a limited number of most recent builds are displayed in the Project Home mode. To see more builds, open the Build Configuration Home view.

Last modified: 28 March 2022