TeamCity 2021.1 Help

Manage Cloud Profiles

This article lists REST API requests concerning cloud profiles.

List all cloud profiles

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/cloud/profiles

List all cloud images

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/cloud/images

List all cloud instances

GET http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/cloud/instances

Start a new instance

POST http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/cloud/instances

The posted XML/JSON contents are the same as returned by GET for one instance.

Example of XML for an instance:

<cloudInstance id="profileId:<profileId>,imageId:<imageId>,id:<instanceId>" name="<instanceName>"> <image id="profileId:<profileId>,id:<imageId>" name="<imageName>"/> </cloudInstance>

Stop a running instance

DELETE http://<TeamCity Server host>:<port>/app/rest/cloud/instances/<instanceLocator>
Last modified: 25 January 2021