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Manage Typed Parameters

This article lists REST API requests concerning typed parameters.

List Typed Build Parameters

To get a list of all build parameters of a project, use:


For a build configuration:


Both endpoints respond with the Properties entity which contains a list of Property instances. These include:

Get Details of Build Parameter

To get a specific parameter, use:




Accepts and returns text/plain, application/XML or application/json. Supply the relevant Content-Type header to the request.

Create Build Parameter

To create a build parameter, send Property to:




Note that secure parameters, for example type=password, are listed, but the values are not included into the response.

Example payload:

<property name="<parameterName>" value="passwordValue"> <type rawValue="password"/> </property>
{ "name" : "parameterName", "type" : { "rawValue" : "password" }, "value" : "passwordValue" }

Update Build Parameter

To update the whole build parameter, send an updated Property to:




Delete Build Parameter

To delete a specific parameter, use:




Create and Modify Parameters when Scheduling a Build

You can edit the parameters collection when sending POST requests to the /app/rest/buildQueue endpoint. These parameters (if a new parameter was created) and parameter values (if an existing parameter was modified) will be in effect for this specific build only.

<build personal="true" branchName="myBranch"> <buildType id="MyBuildConfigID"/> <comment> <text>Build for testing REST API</text> </comment> <agent id="286"/> <properties> <property name="system.existingParameter" value="myValue"/> <property name="env.newPasswordParameter" value="mySecret"> <type rawValue="password"/> </property> </properties> </build>
{ "branchName": "myBranch", "personal": true, "buildType": { "id": "MyBuildConfigID" }, "comment": { "text": "Build for testing REST API" }, "agent": { "id": 286 }, "properties": { "property": [{ "name": "system.existingParameter", "value": "myValue" }, { "name": "env.password", "value": "mySecret", "type": { "rawValue": "password" } } ] } }

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Last modified: 27 March 2024