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TeamCity 2021.1.2 Release Notes

Build: 92869
02 August 2021


TW-32486 — Running a build as personal via custom run dialog should run all dependent builds also as personal
TW-68391 — Provide some shortcut for Next button in build log search
TW-72300 — Python detection logic: add a way to use a custom path / override auto-detected instance
TW-64663 — Add message 'This build is hanging' on the build overview page
TW-68857 — Dependencies Chain: No information about reused builds from previous chain
TW-48481 — Performance Monitor should show the build log section for selected time period
TW-70758 — Include a README with the build agent download
TW-68134 — PerfMon: show build log with 'before' messages
TW-67098 — Report PerfMon in build runtime
TW-49243 — Performance Monitor should publish data for canceled build
TW-68797 — Allow to filter build parameter tab to show only customized parameters
TW-71924 — Experimental ability to fetch all branches available in remote on each fetch instead of fetching current state
TW-71018 — Consider automatic auto-detection of python tests as "pytest" command, not "file"

Usability Problem

TW-71737 — Apply filtering to unified diff patch according to build configuration checkout rules
TW-71477 — Confusing health report about multi-node setup without HTTP proxy
TW-66130 — Build log tab in tail mode by default is inconvenient for running builds
TW-69344 — Experimental UI: Clicking on a line in the build log doesn't update focusLine in the url
TW-71452 — "No name" can be shown in grouped tests view, if there are no suite/package, but there are a few child elements
TW-70678 — UI suggestion, deduplicate two Search buttons
TW-67583 — Deployment section: run deployment button shifts down after running the build
TW-68006 — Information in inactive (opened in new tab) tab isn't loaded in experimental UI
TW-65692 — Scrolling in a long build log in the new new UI generates dozens of history entries in the browser
TW-71359 — Rename "Move to top" button on the Build log tab
TW-72118 — Provide drag & drop support for uploading a personal patch
TW-72120 — Generate more specific personal patch change description for the uploaded unified diff patch
TW-68907 — Dependencies Chain: No way to view details for a few builds in experimental UI
TW-72041 — Inspections (ReSharper): Add info that Additional parameters should be newline-delimited to the UI


TW-72484 — NoClassDefFound exception related to email notification
TW-72095 — NuGet feed in 2021.1 returns 406 when it should return 404
TW-71933 — Git submodule update fails on agent in 2021.1.1
TW-72216 — TC Plugin: Unable to open tabs
TW-67092 — Wrong number of pending changes are displayed in the tab counter after changing the branch
TW-71731 — TeamCity agent cannot meet compatibility requirement
TW-67689 — Overlapping text in a build log
TW-69717 — "Agent logs" tab is not refreshed on agent connect/disconnect until page reload
TW-72451 — Perforce checkout could fail with client mapping in some cases (with "must create client 'tw-28076' to access local files" error)
TW-72450 — "Cannot build patch: java.lang.NullPointerException" could occur with some client mappings
TW-72430 — Enable/disable agent dialog: the select options popup renders behind
TW-68799 — Default associated pool is not displayed in Authorized agent dialogue
TW-68365 — Build log search: Next result button doesn't jump to each occurrence in one line
TW-72314 — 404 alert on artifacts tab using local storage
TW-72119 — Resetting buildsMetadata cache can cause failure to find NuGet packages in the built-in feed
TW-72213 — .NET runner breaking change - vstest no longer supports varying target frameworks
TW-66726 — No information about investigations assignee for build problem in experimental UI
TW-72221 — Display information about unknown user in the Change details popup
TW-72058 — Run and Run custom build buttons don't work after closing the pop-up error
TW-72361 — Change red frame color for log preview on build overview page
TW-69736 — Build log search: jumps after a few seconds
TW-72291 — Arithmetic overflow error on attempt to compute total duration of tests
TW-70731 — Artifact dependency changes shows "Loading" instead of number of files
TW-64900 — Different usernames are displayed in the Changes tab and in Pending Changes tab
TW-72321 — Parametrized finish build trigger may not fire, if its parameters is a subset of parameters of other trigger
TW-65392 — Displaying stacktraces for "Snapshot dependency failure" build problems on the Overview page
TW-70019 — Incorrect investigation options for flaky tests
TW-72217 — Only one of the two build triggers with custom parameters gets executed
TW-71736 — Twitching build columns when expanding build presentation on the build configuration page (experimental UI)
TW-64795 — Build status in build configuration displays "No changes" if build was automatically triggered
TW-53207 — Dependency build is not marked as personal when the top build is triggered via Branch Remote Run Trigger
TW-72298 — Excessive logging on agent start related to .NET detection
TW-70580 — Configs DSL plugin issue: Failed to initialize Spring Context
TW-72112 — Address the difference between how we calculate/show tests runs/successful rate in both UIs (ignored runs shouldn't be counted)
TW-66869 — No information about time when build configuration sources will be cleaned after "Enforce clean checkout" action in experimental UI
TW-72156 — Error collecting changes for VCS repository: Invalid Path from archived projects
TW-72192 — "Edit this VCS root" link in the popup about a VCS problem does not include WebApp context
TW-71974 — Missing pull requests branches for Azure DevOps
TW-69374 — Python Custom Script reports tests from Service Messages only when(if) build step is finished
TW-63968 — Agents pages: add a link to the agents dashboard to all agents 404 pages
TW-66606 — Agents sidebar: selecting an Agents Overview page doesn't scroll the sidebar to the top
TW-72210 — "Last successful builds" range cannot be saved in Keep rule
TW-62916 — Sakura UI: 'Parameters' - 'Reported statistic values' tab is opened in classic UI
TW-65287 — Personal builds change revision field is poorly displayed in new UI
TW-72198 — unable to update project pointing to submodule with branch=. (special value indicating current branch from parent repo)
TW-64899 — Displaying unknown TC users in changes popup and tab
TW-65690 — Incorrect agent information if the Cloud Agent profile is selected in the Run Custom dialog
TW-72154 — Context properties of a project with read only versioned settings may not be updated via REST API
TW-72200 — Backup can fail on SQL server if test_info table has more than 2 billions of rows
TW-71810 — Scroll bar grows forever on Duplicates tab in Experimental UI
TW-72181 — BuildServiceMessagesTranslator keeps all translators in an internal map and does not refresh them
TW-67989 — Build log: Home shortcut not working
TW-71991 — NuGet feed no longer contains published packages
TW-72164 — Finish build trigger constantly adds new builds to the queue for the same finished build
TW-72022 — Cloud Agent might be removed immediately after disconnect
TW-71990 — Cloud instance start by a limited user might lead to odd behaviour
TW-66836 — REST returns 403 on artifact lookup of none artifacts available
TW-71954 — Binary Git patches are not supported in personal builds with uploaded unified diff
TW-71921 — "View script content" link doesn't work for me
TW-72018 — Build without VCS roots fails with "Error while applying patch" if run as a personal build with some unified diff patch even though the patch could be applied to its dependencies
TW-72039 — Inspections (ReSharper): I'm not able to add more than one 'Additional InspectCode parameters'
TW-71735 — Cleanup: if some keep rule has the "Keep artifact dependencies" option then the whole build configuration is considered as having this option
TW-72003 — Inspections (ReSharper) no longer loads dotSettings file after update to Team City 2021.1.1.1
TW-62140 — Git plugin ignores checkout rules when computes applicable build configurations for a remote run
TW-71687 — Cannot find build promotion with id: 121802658. Error occurred while processing this request. Request: GET '/app/rest/ui/builds?...'
TW-71980 — Inspections (ReSharper): Output file is not specified error (with --output parameter)
TW-70011 — Changing VCS root ID breaks Pull Request feature
TW-52948 — Personal patch is still applied/undone when VCS root is set to "do not checkout" mode
TW-72030 — Custom build dialog silently closes on attempt to run a personal build with a dependency where personal builds are disabled
TW-71858 — Move the line status column of the files to the left
TW-71738 — TestOccurrences request does not do proper checks for requested fields in fastpath
TW-69762 — /usr/bin/python3.x is not detected if there is no /usr/bin/python3
TW-71803 — Pull requests plugin does not handle exceptions raised in EHCache

Performance Problem

TW-72519 — Do not recalculate status text of finished composite builds in case of out of order builds finishing
TW-72419 — High contention on attempt to load the same build into the cache from the several threads
TW-71792 — Build configuration page: consecutive expanding/collapsing of the same build feels laggy
TW-71948 — Excessive memory usage in StringPoolInstance in some cases (eg concurrent execution of long tests)
TW-71979 — Slow processing of VCS triggers with triggering rules even if triggering rule matches all of the files of a commit


TW-71934 — Add the changesCollectingInProgress field to the build entity
TW-71293 — Ask in which mode the server is starting if teamcity.server.nodeId is provided but there is no data directory yet


TW-72456 — The "--" delimiter in kotlin script runner seems to be superfluous

Security Problem

6 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 16 August 2021