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TeamCity 2021.1.1 Release Notes

Build: 92714
18 June 2021


TW-71903— Allow to specify timeout for docker stop command in build configuration parameters
TW-71227— Agent pool page: reimplement agent pool projects tab with GraphQL
TW-71280— Gradle runner should warn that enabling "Debug" can add sensitive information to Build Log
TW-71691— Respect "branch" config from .gitmodules during agent checkout with mirror
TW-67347— Two infinite running build steps will ignore build timeout policy
TW-69505— Allow to hide VCS roots used in archived projects only on Project -> VCS roots page in admin area
TW-68673— REST API: make /app/rest/server/licensingData available for anyone who can authorize agents

Usability Problem

TW-68081— Do not auto-detect "IntelliJ IDEA Project" build steps if project does not contain JVM-based modules
TW-69432— Build log: new line characters between time and message when copying part of the log
TW-71373— Move "Save anyway" button from main settings form to "Save" dialog
TW-71408— Docker wrapper can hit the rate limit on dockerhub when pulling busybox in a large enough installation
TW-63117— There is no information on the pool page that project also relates to other pools
TW-71715— Agent pool page: move "archived projects" counter to the checkbox
TW-62151— Consider expanding Inspections/PR/... section by default on a build page in the experimental UI
TW-64703— How to sort dependencies in teamcity
TW-69452— Configure sidebar: No way to reset an order of the Root subprojects
TW-60093— Confusing presentation of the failed to start build
TW-71451— Remember the chosen grouped tests mode on the build overview page
TW-69676— Improve empty pool page in the experimental UI
TW-71611— Node.js runner: improve autodetection for eslint tool
TW-68353— Build page: "Select all" action in the tests list looks too similar to test lines


TW-71887— The checkbox corresponding to a package in the list of tests is not settable
TW-71457— Custom build dialog treats two parameters as the same if they only differ in one character ( . (dot) vs _ (underscore) )
TW-70322— s3 artifacts fail to upload, but upload step succeeds
TW-71832— git "Passphrase" setting not shown for existing VCS roots with encrypted key
TW-65043— Error while applying patch "reference is not a tree" build error when submodule revision is not reachable from refs/heads
TW-71631— After update to 2021.1 (build 92597), teamcity.dotnet.vstest.16.0 was undefined and builds would no longer execute VSTest step
TW-71741— Ant plugin bin Unix scripts have Windows EOL instead of Unix one
TW-71827— Perforce agent checkout may not work correctly (Null directory (//) not allowed in) error
TW-71720— Cannot tick checkboxes on agent's "Compatible Configurations" page
TW-71537— Illegal hex characters in escape (%) pattern - For input string: "sy" (IntelliJ IDEA Coverage)
TW-71285— Docker clean-up: TC tries to clean-up images after disabling "On server clean-up, delete pushed Docker images from registry" option
TW-68855— Build log search: "Next result" and "Search" buttons don't scroll page horizontally
TW-71679— VCS trigger does not trigger a build in a branch after the merge (build configuration with checkout rules)
TW-70668— Search mode changes from versioned settings are not shown within a session
TW-70665— Improve versioned settings for Elastic Search
TW-71375— Return "Drop" button to Disabled Local(Lucene) indexer
TW-65197— Verbose mode in build log resets after choosing build step using timeline
TW-71826— Sub projects are not stored in VCS repository when versioned settings in XML format are enabled in the project
TW-65670— Cancel button behaves incorrectly in the Changes content filter.
TW-69884— Active projects in archived hierarchy are not counted and not displayed in agent pools.
TW-71213— Node.js runner: Add a validation for a NPM Registry connection form
TW-71667— Issues list has broken encoding (for YouTrack issues)
TW-71779— The switcher between the old and new UI is broken on the queued build page in new UI
TW-67210— Pop-up "Responding with error, status code: 404" appears when Flaky Test Detector is disabled
TW-71154— Node.js runner: don't allow deletion of npm connection if it's in use
TW-71676— DSL converters are not applied for DSL with config version 2019.2
TW-71494— Builds may not be triggered in pull request branches of an Azure DevOps repository if merge conflicts got resolved
TW-71527— Do not display twice redefined custom parameter in the Triggers parameter description.
TW-63003— There is no suggestions for assigning investigations to the user for failed tests in new UI
TW-65676— Browser console and UI popup forbidden request errors on changes page if logged under non-admin role user
TW-71722— Inspections (ReSharper): spaces in "Additional InspectCode parameters" aren't properly handled
TW-70025— Run shallow fetch for submodules with shallow clone for git VCS
TW-71719— Cleanup: base rules processor continue to use configured artifact patterns after the "clean history" period if the build is a snapshot dependency
TW-70164— Could not get RequestDispatcher error in teamcity-server.log
TW-71693— testMetadata service message now requires testName
TW-70498— No information about artifacts location in Artifacts view in the new UI
TW-71518— Deleted npm connections and connections with changed scopes are not updated in .npmrc file on the agent checkout directory
TW-71649— Build triggers customization settings are not returned in Rest API response
TW-65666— Changes content filter does not resolve part of revision.
TW-65668— Changes content filter should be case insensitive in Experimental UI.
TW-71655— Enabling of versioned settings in Kotlin format for a large project does not work because of exception from deadlock detector
TW-68794— Build Queue page: No builds found in whole build history
TW-63728— Experimental UI => build log timezone is UTC, while should be local
TW-71662— Commit hook can be missed if VCS periodical executor queue is full
TW-71635— Perforce commit hook may work incorrectly if a VCS root user does not have access to some of the Perforce repository paths
TW-71180— Gitlab PR isn't detected after PR change with a target branch filter
TW-71152— Node.js runner: Build steps autodetector can suggest excess steps for running tests
TW-71615— Node.js runner: auto-detector suggests incorrect package to install for running Hermione tests
TW-71629— Dependency cycle detected among ordered items: dataDir, order is unpredictable
TW-71320— Warning "Failed to log action to audit" in teamcity-server.log after switching main node
TW-71622— Obsolete revision is taken in a build after checkout rules change and rebase
TW-62992— No stacktrace information is shown in the new UI for system problems
TW-71526— %dep.extId.param% parameters are not updated in trigger build customization when external id of dependency changes
TW-71555— Duplicate custom shared resource values will result in an unpopulated 'teamcity.locks.readLock.*' parameter
TW-69874— Improve an empty Agent Overview page
TW-71476— Better handling of cases with long suites/packages/classes tests names
TW-71607— Branch selector field: no longer reacts to arrow up/down keys
TW-71531— Node tries to load disabled plugin on switch main node responsibility
TW-71532— A node is unable to load plugins that depend on another plugin
TW-71495— Invalid request when triggering a new build for a new build configuration
TW-71489— Display only one 404 pop-up on a page in the experimental UI
TW-71561— Warnings from triggers on the secondary node are shown in the logs on the main node
TW-71562— Passing test with the empty status being marked as ignored in JUnit report.
TW-71282— Value from MAVEN_OPTS has higher priority over the JVM arguments provided by the Maven runner


TW-71785— NullPointerException upon calling SubscriptionsWebSocketEndpoint.closeOnError


TW-71623— Tests scope does not show a colon in test suite
TW-54352— Commit Status Publisher fails to publish statuses to GitHub if Emojicon Unicode characters occur in build configuration names

Performance Problem

TW-71456— Large delay for showing disconnected/unauthorized agents in the classic UI
TW-70800— /app/timeline call for a build with huge build log leads to extensive memory usage
TW-71471— Sub optimal memory usage during the /app/rest/projects?fields= REST API call
TW-71424— InvestigationsCleanupExtension cleaner takes too much time to complete
TW-71540— Slow RelatedIssuesTab.isAvailable if invoked for a composite build


TW-71817— Automatically increase polling interval for broken VCS roots
TW-71564— Add the ability to control ignoreCase and matchType in the comment, file:path and version fields, at the endpoint of changes in REST
TW-71429— Add the ability to get a list of committers by a changes locator

Last modified: 18 June 2021