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TeamCity 2021.1 Release Notes

Build: 92597
20 May 2021


TW-71101 — Add Poetry support for python runner
TW-66634 — Git shallow clone: support option not to use local mirrors for cloud agents
TW-68137 — Implement an alternative elastic based search
TW-67180 — Allow switching server mode in runtime (main node <-> secondary node)
TW-62537 — Group tests by suites/packages/class on build overview page
TW-69176 — Handle NuGet requests in a separate thread-pool
TW-65984 — Provide support for npm/yarn
TW-6439 — Set custom parameters on automatic build triggering
TW-69885 — Support Kotlin script build steps
TW-54588 — Support setup when versioned settings cannot be changed in UI and always "win"
TW-71416 — Git auto checkout mode should check existing local mirrors into account
TW-69371 — Static helpers and tips shown in the UI
TW-64202 — Use service worker to cache and update projects tree
TW-67330 — Filter testOccurrences by suites/packages/class in REST
TW-67352 — Add a field to REST or create a new controller to get the total test duration
TW-69756 — Build Queue: Pause/resume build queue in Experimental UI
TW-71350 — Perforce Admin connection: provide type-safe Kotlin DSL
TW-54057 — Add 'Delete all files in the checkout directory' option to 'Retry Build Trigger'
TW-70619 — Autodetect Kotlin script steps
TW-69119 — .NET runner: Move the "do not build / do not restore" options up
TW-69118 — .NET runner publish and run: missing "do not build" option
TW-65459 — Add support for last build statuses url placeholders in new UI
TW-69287 — Support cross-platform ReSharper Inspections and dupFinder
TW-69010 — Check signature of installed plugins
TW-69151 — Clean-up & Server Health: make it more clear which errors can affect the clean-up process
TW-71241 — Update bundled ReSharper tool and dotCover version to 2021.1.2
TW-70967 — Health report to detect multi-node setup without proxy
TW-45615 — Restrict personal builds to specific users
TW-69753 — Build Queue: Removing multiple builds from queue in Experimental UI
TW-22292 — Allow several VCS triggers per build configuration
TW-66451 — Add test filter by suites to the new UI
TW-41199 — Support ChangeView specification in Perforce workspaces
TW-70646 — Add Test connection button for ElasticSearch settings
TW-69236 — Health report to detect mismatch of the server and proxy configuration
TW-69875 — Replace "Favorite Projects" page with "All Projects" if there's no favorites on a small server
TW-70559 — No scope when searching tests in Sakura
TW-69232 — Allow controlling max number of assigned builds per secondary node
TW-69235 — Provide proxy type and version information in headers
TW-66202 — Allow S3 upload chunk size and minimum multipart threshold to be configurable
TW-20566 — Make status widget more discoverable
TW-68887 — Docker image. Support ARM architecture (AWS ECS Graviton ARM)
TW-69025 — Consider adding [Access-Control-Allow-Origin] header to the authenticationTest.html?csrf endpoint
TW-58966 — Provide perforce/helix binaries to teamcity-server docker image
TW-70837 — Access Tokens: Add permissions and expiration date to audit actions
TW-64791 — Limit permissions scope on access token
TW-69947 — Improved commit hooks support for Perforce
TW-68619 — Add an ability to generate agents requirements for .NET SDK in .NET runner
TW-70047 — Support .NET SDK requirement in the UI wizard and steps auto-detection
TW-69755 — Build Queue: Configuring Build Priorities in Experimental UI
TW-69791 — Add ability to get full list(expandInvocations:true) testOccurrences with grouping test
TW-67245 — GraphQL client setup
TW-70520 — Make the "Command line parameters" field ordinary (not advanced) for the Custom command.
TW-70365 — Add Xcode full version agent parameter
TW-46301 — Provide audit for secondary node responsibilities enabling/disabling
TW-69958 — Service workers: cache tabs requests
TW-60944 — "View thread dump" unavailable for Java programs running in Docker
TW-69334 — Cleanup: create a health report that will show the problems happened during the last clean-up
TW-69665 — Python runner: Add an option to set up virtual environment using venv
TW-68826 — Python runner. Add an option to auto-install modules (pytest, flake8, pylint)
TW-70195 — Diff view: ability to drag diff map window
TW-68588 — Report amount of disk space cleaned during the clean-up process
TW-69401 — Make debug-s3 logging preset available out-of-the-box

Usability Problem

TW-70648 — Change default TeamCity port in Windows installer to 8111
TW-71323 — Improve search mode names and descriptions
TW-69807 — Add info about successful docker login to build log
TW-71432 — Provide identical names for the same Hints feature in TeamCity UI.
TW-71412 — Show description for selected Search mode, not for both at once
TW-71427 — Change Search project feature name in versioned settings
TW-71418 — Improve error messages in Search settings
TW-70651 — Removed 'select all' checkbox from the Auto-detected steps page
TW-70522 — Backup: make clear that secure values are included into backup
TW-71398 — Rename Add Agent hint.
TW-71204 — Improve DSL for searchBuildByNumber -> searchMode parameter
TW-71411 — Should be possible to select the same build configuration for multiple Finish build triggers with customized parameters.
TW-71212 — Show either "Pause" or "Resume" for search index
TW-70977 — ElasticSearch Save button does not automatically create index
TW-68911 — Welcome to Sakura UI page doesn't suit small displays
TW-68775 — Automatically clean up Perforce stream workspaces on server
TW-71090 — Increase maximum length for Group Key field
TW-64859 — Branch selector is reset after changing build page to project/build configuration page
TW-68004 — Favorites page: projects and build configurations sections are moving during loading the page
TW-70199 — Usage statistics page needs a clear explanation
TW-70704 — It is difficult to invoke tooltips for the code coverage in Experimental UI.
TW-70707 — Align left code coverage bars when different types of code are analysed.
TW-69275 — Reduce vertical indents for builds list
TW-70972 — Improve usability of Search indexer properties and actions
TW-64146 — Subprojects aren't visually distinguishable from its parents on favorites projects overview page
TW-70786 — Require administrator to enter a hostname of the server for some destructive actions, like "Restart" or "Upgrade" or "Delete project".
TW-71096 — "Error message is logged" build problem should include actual error text or some instructions what to do next
TW-69322 — Rename "View in DSL" to "View as code"
TW-70835 — Add a short description for "Get build status icon" dialog
TW-68057 — Hide non-portable DSL option from UI
TW-70742 — Make search settings more consistent
TW-70818 — Error: There are no tests on requested 2nd page. Try going to an earlier page.
TW-70946 — Consider adding current server host to the confirmation window
TW-70622 — Add validation for ElasticSearch-related fields
TW-64047 — It's very hard to copy test name from new UI
TW-65352 — "More" pages for the _Root project in the new experimental UI
TW-68395 — Difficulties when importing settings.kts project with no write access
TW-70827 — The Database Connection URL doesn't display the complete JDBC connection string in Administration | Global Settings
TW-63893 — Sakura: don't hide tabs on overview pages
TW-70297 — Lot of unused space on build configuration overview near "Pin" and "Tag" icons
TW-65703 — Cannot copy the link to an individual test in Sakura UI
TW-67550 — Unnecessary details on successful test expand
TW-70225 — Change description for Processing data produced by running builds responsibility in the Enable responsibility popup.
TW-60564 — Use horizontal space more effectively on build list
TW-68702 — Let's show project and build configuration favourite icon by hover
TW-69111 — Not obvious how to configure building from branches
TW-70119 — Permission "View project and all parent projects" in the Access tokens table is confusing
TW-70003 — It's not possible to modify a user group (setGroupProperty) using a personal limited to project token
TW-68714 — Add a link to documentation to the Auto-detected Build Steps page
TW-67588 — Token settings (type and time limit) are reset after entering an invalid value


TW-60292 — "Add comment" link shows "Unpin" window
TW-71478 — Versioned settings re-enabling with the same format does not cause initial commit if repository is empty
TW-71322 — Improve mandatory fields (hosts, index name) for ElasticSearch
TW-71076 — No way to edit internal properties from UI after switching main node
TW-69242 — Information about how many times test was run is not refreshed in Experimental UI
TW-71472 — Redundant agents, not attached to their cloud image, after switching main node
TW-71542 — NullPointerException in MessagesController.fetchTarget(
TW-70623 — Saving Elasticsearch mode does not disable Lucene indexing
TW-71463 — Wrong scope can be shown in the Tests tab if it was open from groped tests mode on the build Overview page
TW-70789 — Get build status icon dialog is broken with long branch name
TW-70791 — "Get build status icon" does not take selected branch in Classic UI
TW-59384 — Removed projects are cached and stay in the sidebar
TW-71226 — Changing only the protocol for agent/server connection can result in the agent artifacts cache needing to be recreated
TW-70661 — ElasticSearch does not automatically reindex builds
TW-71102 — Agent upgrades after switching main node because of plugins disabled on secondary nodes (kubernetes)
TW-71508 — Strange sorting Elasticsearch results by relevance (also in popup)
TW-70644 — ElasticSearch does not work on a secondary node (Connection is prohibited by TeamCity node restrictions)
TW-71402 — Build triggers customization is lost when build configuration is copied or template is extracted.
TW-71433 — The header isn't displayed on an empty server with "Cannot read property 'header-agents-active' of undefined "
TW-71434 — Multiple Tips bubbles can be displayed in TeamCity UI.
TW-71438 — Show Hint menu item is displayed on the new server though Hints are shown by default.
TW-71440 — Do not display sidebar hints in Classic UI.
TW-71490 — Do not suggest Build Graph hint when build has no graph.
TW-71496 — Unclear hint about build statuses on project overview page.
TW-71497 — "Test Actions" tips points to a wrong location
TW-71498 — Wrong tips name on the Create project page
TW-71184 — Update in Gitlab PR isn't shown (without manual refresh)
TW-71500 — Server pages don't open in the latest build
TW-71516 — Triggered build customization doesn't work with NuGet trigger
TW-71520 — Tests tab: links to package/class/suite work incorrectly
TW-71407 — Inconsistent "Edit shared properties on main node" link after switching main node responsibility
TW-71086 — Can't change logging preset in shared data directory after switching main node
TW-66805 — Unable to finish build on secondary node when the main node is down
TW-70149 — Agents screen: don't show "add agent pool" control if there's no permissions
TW-71267 — Pull requests for Azure devops: TeamCity doesn't start a new build for the new commits in old pull request
TW-71197 — Sorting search results by time is broken for ElasticSearch
TW-71459 — "N Free agent licenses left" is not refreshed after Remove/Start/Stop agent
TW-69797 — List of Unauthorized agents does not show "Agent licenses left" info
TW-69537 — Enable auto-installing python modules by default (pytest, flake8, pylint)
TW-71099 — Wrong "Running builds assigned to this node" after switching main node
TW-71464 — search plugin blocks event processing
TW-71264 — Pull requests for Azure devops: information about old pull requests isn't updated automatically
TW-71216 — Node.js runner: shell script with only default commands isn't published to Kotlin DSL
TW-62031 — PR Plugin: builds can be not triggered for old PRs if there are many open PR in the repository
TW-71393 — Take into consideration user permissions when displaying hints.
TW-71320 — Warning "Failed to log action to audit" in teamcity-server.log after switching main node
TW-71128 — Cloud instances are not terminated after switching main node (UnsupportedOperationException: Not yet implemented)
TW-70826 — Should not be possible to move read only projects.
TW-67164 — Secondary node fails to synchronize the build configurations on critical error in configuration file
TW-68748 — Unexpected error on trying to enable Versioned Settings on the secondary node.
TW-63614 — Outdated revision can be used for versioned settings loaded in build if versioned settings were enabled, then disabled for some time and enabled again
TW-67719 — New header: links should always lead to new UI if the header is rendered in new UI
TW-71417 — List of affected projects shown in the "Versioned settings disabled" health status report should only show projects whose settings were converted during the upgrade
TW-71239 — Edit tags dialog: no way to enable checkbox "Apply to all snapshot dependencies" without adding a new tag
TW-68651 — Do not display Authorize button if there are no free agent licenses.
TW-70173 — REST API: add agent pool and environment to cloud image response
TW-71384 — Agents sidebar: cloud agents are displayed matching when there's no search
TW-71399 — Orphaned Current Entity hint in the Classic UI.
TW-71401 — Sidebar hints position is not accurate.
TW-69204 — Add a hint and consider renaming "Auto-install packages" option in Python runner
TW-71355 — Perforce server workspaces: improve clean-up logging.
TW-70728 — Do not resize Hints popup when different topics are selected.
TW-70805 — Not possible to switch nodes runtime if the main node was stopped not gracefully.
TW-53024 — Refactor the audit_additional_object table
TW-70718 — Tips for the project page are shown on the build configuration page
TW-70719 — Tips for Sidebar->Favorites are not shown when Sidebar is scrolled.
TW-70720 — Tips for Build Statuses are not displayed on project overview.
TW-70724 — Tips are not hidden sometimes.
TW-70725 — Not possible to reach Learn More link in Tips.
TW-70741 — Do not show "current entity" hint for Navigation in the Administration area
TW-71381 — Unable to pull the official jetbrains/teamcity-server image when docker is configured with a user namespace
TW-71413 — Reset/pause search indexing do not work with TypeError: PauseProcessing is not a function
TW-70975 — "Elasticsearch index successfully created", even if an error occurred
TW-71201 — ElasticSearch connection problems are not fully logged
TW-70995 — "Unable to parse response body" when connecting to ElasticSearch instance with wrong credentials
TW-68042 — Selected build configuration in artifact dependency isn't expanded and scrolled with the new project selector
TW-70973 — "Unexpected response" when saving ElasticSearch configuration
TW-70668 — Search mode changes from versioned settings are not applied until server restart
TW-71279 — Auto-detected step with poetry does not find pyproject.toml because of empty working directory
TW-70740 — Make managing search index available for root project administrator
TW-71363 — Node.js runner: Don't suggest using npm cli command if package-lock.json is absent
TW-71305 — Make sure branch_name column can always store unicode characters
TW-70746 — Retry artifacts download on Expected content length doesn't match downloaded file size error
TW-71380 — Custom build dialog is not shown fully in the Pending Changes tab if there are just a few changes
TW-70844 — Scroll bar grows forever on Code Inspection tab in experimental UI
TW-65734 — Project can stuck in the read-only mode after versioned settings were re-enabled
TW-68810 — Deadlock found when trying to get lock in InnoDB.
TW-70205 — Dotnet test: TestCaseFilter cropped because of CMD command limit of 8191 characters
TW-71317 — Modify DSL extension for Kotlin script build steps: do not use references to a particular version of the tool if the user selected to use bundled tool
TW-70600 — Dedicated DSL for kotlin step
TW-70604 — Kotlin step: simplest hello world shows warnings in build log
TW-71277 — Auto-detect poetry environment tool, if pyproject.toml contains tool.poetry section
TW-66513 — Personal patch upload: unable to view diff for a patch uploaded via the web UI or REST API
TW-62755 — Section pull-requests presents in new build page even if pull requests are absent
TW-71196 — Maven transitive dependencies can stop working if a plugin is uploaded to the server with () in the plugin zip file name
TW-71254 — Build configuration page isn't updated for a newly created configuration
TW-71300 — Plugin is not reloaded if it's version is the same but unpacked plugin directory is different
TW-71252 — Unable to sort search results by time
TW-71330 — Don't show Permalinks if the corresponding build doesn't exist
TW-71118 — CredentialsJson secure value isn't unscrambling in meta runners
TW-70808 — Secondary node can get MAIN_NODE responsibility after restart in some cases.
TW-71185 — Build isn't trigger for changes in the old PR request (Gitlab)
TW-70634 — ElasticSearch with empty index field does not work
TW-70931 — Do not show Reload Updated plugin button in Administration->Plugins if the plugin is updated to the same version.
TW-68850 — Impossible to upload/delete SSL certificate on the secondary node.
TW-71199 — Node.js runner: Make build problem description more clear
TW-71303 — Some of the REST API methods return 500 response code when 400 would be more applicable
TW-67120 — kotlin.collections package appears in Code Coverage tab even though it's not included for inspection and also explicitly excluded
TW-71283 — Nodejs runner left script file in buildTemp directory
TW-71276 — Missing default values for auto-detected python steps
TW-68193 — Agent re-install results in clean checkout
TW-70330 — Warnings "Extension attempted to overwrite value of the model parameter "serverUrl"" after visiting the Administration -> Plugins page
TW-68731 — Do not display "Download build log" link in expanded build section in the Builds Queue and on the queued build page.
TW-67248 — Experimental UI: Clicking on a tag in Custom Run popup filters the list of builds by that tag instead of adding the tag in the popup
TW-65449 — Path to artifact is not changing in the experimental UI
TW-64970 — There's missing "Export build chain graph" menu item in build actions popup
TW-71237 — Build status isn't updated in the classic UI
TW-71238 — Sidebar hides and appears after typing letter "s" in the addition of the tags dialog
TW-71064 — Edit tags dialog: support "Apply to dependencies" checkbox
TW-70700 — No ability to view code coverage reports for composite build in Experimental UI.
TW-70701 — "Could not load code coverage summary" error for the queued build on the build overview page.
TW-70624 — Elastic search throws exceptions if search phrase is not finished
TW-70298 — Do not count composite and agentless builds in build distribution limits for secondary nodes.
TW-71095 — Twitching configuration page with queued build
TW-70862 — Lots of errors about failed git fetch in teamcity-vcs.log
TW-71176 — Gradle tasks UI field is limited to 256 characters.
TW-71134 — Trim spaces in the confirm server URL dialog
TW-70615 — Remove combined Elastic/Local search modes
TW-70976 — Test connection, Create/Delete index buttons say "Do you want to discard your changes?"
TW-70761 — .NET autodetects msbuild step with .NET Framework < 4.0
TW-71122 — Maven teamcity-configs-generate goal fails because it can't find kotlin-grammar-tools dependency
TW-62885 — There is no information about how many times the test was run and how many failures of this test in new UI
TW-64838 — Only one build configuration is displayed in test info for composite build if the test was failed in few builds
TW-70955 — "There are no tests on requested page" when changing current scope
TW-61956 — "build configuration config is not found, use current settings from TeamCity server" after build configuration was removed\restored using versioned settings
TW-71028 — Update dotnet inspections and dupFinder tools to 2021.1.0
TW-70717 — Customise sidebar icon isn't visible on page load
TW-70770 — BeanCreationException when starting main node while the secondary is running (with main node responsibility)
TW-70506 — Problem starting the plugin '/opt/buildagent/plugins/nuget-agent/bin/credential-plugin/netcoreapp3.0/CredentialProvider.TeamCity.dll'
TW-70347 — A build does not checkout source code despite presence of VCS roots
TW-70772 — Cannot detect VS 2019 when an agent has VS 2019 Community and VS 2019 Build tool of the same version installed.
TW-69007 — Sonar runner plugin does not support new sonar-scanner-msbuild versions
TW-69832 — Can run on agents should not be shown for agent less build
TW-70558 — Tests search filter is not updated if previous filter is a substring of it
TW-70656 — Project page displays outdated build status
TW-70858 — Do not allow subprojects sorting in a read only project.
TW-66224 — Do not display "Download log" link for the queued build in Experimental UI.
TW-65495 — Extended commit description is not displayed in the Build Overview page
TW-68017 — Build overview: make changes look consistent with the changes page
TW-69438 — For multi-line commits it may be not visible that the commit message is multi-line
TW-66033 — Part of the long commit messages are getting hidden on changes page
TW-70586 — Incorrect VCS labels are shown in experimental UI if page wasn't reload
TW-70816 — The last symbol of commit message for changes is cropped
TW-70764 — The main node may be unable to start after switching the main node to another one
TW-70768 — Unable to restart secondary node after giving it the main node responsibility
TW-70439 — Cannot search by phrase in double quotes (error cannot run PhraseQuery)
TW-70258 — IllegalArgumentException: number of documents in the index cannot exceed 2147483519
TW-70802 — Unexpected error on trying to change main node responsibility.
TW-70629 — Execute Step mode is ignored when using meta-runners
TW-70747 — Custom executable in .NET runner has Required SDK, but agent requirement is not generated
TW-70122 — Issue log tab thread works more than 2 hours for one of build configurations
TW-70657 — "Unsupported build value" WARN in teamcity-server.log
TW-70775 — Automatically enable disabled plugins after giving secondary node the main node responsibility
TW-70776 — Improve logging related to main/secondary node detection on a server startup
TW-70757 — UI hint might visually merge with header
TW-70755 — Apostrophes don't render in UI hints
TW-70304 — In two-line mode, Changes/Agent column can have too much unused space
TW-70328 — Autodetect of Required SDK works incorrectly for the .Net test build step
TW-70136 — No auto-detection of Required SDK for VS solution
TW-70423 — Issue with multiple VCSRoots using Feature Branches
TW-70113 — Required SDK is empty for Auto-detected Cross-platform MSBuild step
TW-70687 — User isn't redirected to the login page after log out from TeamCity
TW-63753 — Commit titles are trimmed
TW-70171 — Incorrect Network Error issue text in Sakura UI
TW-70329 — Weird parameters with the _DO_NOT_USE_ suffix in windowsservercore agent image
TW-69704 — Improve server logging related to AgentsLoadBalancer
TW-64017 — VCS label is not displayed in the Changes tab in new UI
TW-70127 — Agents page is broken for user without "View agent details" permission in Experimental UI.
TW-70482 — Stop showing unreachable changes from detached DAG based VCS roots in non default branches
TW-70393 — Improve Required SDK field hint
TW-69876 — Change in a build configuration name isn't reflected until page is reloaded
TW-70480 — Changes from unrelated branch are shown after one VCS root is detached and another one is attached to the build configuration
TW-70391 — Option "Exclude default branch changes from other branches" does not have an effect on changes from detached VCS roots
TW-70463 — TeamCity may mark a properly finished test as ignored
TW-67022 — Infinitive loader after clicking on magic wands in the .Net runner if some mistakes were made in Projects or Test assemblies field
TW-68487 — Investigation for a build problem doesn't fit in a pop-up with a long scope
TW-70070 — .NET run command started on agent without dotnet
TW-69380 — Test duration changes for Composite build, which has several dependencies with this test
TW-68164 — Broken VCS Roots are no longer shown as broken in VCS Roots list of a project
TW-70160 — Remove magic for .NET commands and fields where it is redundant
TW-65343 — Rendering ANSI color escape sequences in stacktraces for failed tests in build Overview page
TW-70274 — "Parameter preferences" button doesn't work when creating new git VCS root manually
TW-70244 — User-defined parameters are not displayed for fields in the project creation dialog if VCS root was not created earlier
TW-70229 — Tests on Passed and All tests tab depend on the checkbox "Only new N" enabled on the Failed tab
TW-64842 — Information about test is changed after expanding the section with this test
TW-70073 — Files changed show incorrect URL on experimental UI
TW-69950 — New failures in a composite build don't link to snapshot dependency
TW-69977 — Do not allow Python 2.x + venv
TW-69978 — Link Build parameters should not be shown to a user without corresponding permissions
TW-70208 — Rename "Virtualenv create arguments:" field, if venv is selected
TW-70143 — ClassCastException: class jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.impl.RunningBuildWrapper cannot be cast to class jetbrains.buildServer.serverSide.BuildEx
TW-70111 — Disable "Connect" buttons in Authentication settings on a read-only server
TW-69883 — Agents overview: move enable toggle to the left
TW-69796 — Personal limited to project token with build Permissions scopes doesn't work without "View project and all parent projects" permission
TW-69972 — Rename blocks in build log for python steps with venv
TW-68725 — insufficient permissions are displayed in the dialog of creation Limit to project token

Performance Problem

TW-67312 — Artifacts storage admin tab is slow
TW-71425 — BuildsSchedule of a Root project is very slow if there are many build configurations and hundreds of agents
TW-64358 — Much time in UserModelImpl afterCleanup extension (super slow delete from user_projects_visibility query)
TW-70154 — REST: testOccurrence requests for test counters must not request all statistics data from build statistics
TW-70500 — Slow removal of builds from the builds metadata index
TW-70325 — Cleanup parameters of a running build on an agent once the build finishes
TW-68674 — User profile ->Access tokens page is loading extremely slowly on servers with many projects.


TW-70766 — TeamCity badge looks blurry on github
TW-70759 — Extra lines in "Get build status icon" dialog after switching tabs
TW-70388 — Use another font for Show Hints link in the Header.
TW-71354 — Delete Perforce stream workspace: add validation
TW-71173 — Node.js runner: improve the dialog of build feature "NPM Registry Connection"
TW-71397 — Unstick permalinks from the upper line
TW-70049 — Align fields on the Run Custom build dialog
TW-71325 — Change search indexer state from "RUNNING" to "ACTIVE"
TW-70401 — "Environment tool: None" is marked as non-default value in Python Runner
TW-55363 — Static running build icon can be shown on a build log page for a finished build
TW-70124 — "Permissions scope" options in the Creation of Access Token dialog are not very clear
TW-70625 — Diagnostics -> Search shows different Indexer states for Lucene and Elastic
TW-70705 — Change the style of builds presentation in Code Coverage section for composite builds.
TW-70446 — teamcity.agent.failBuildOnCleanCheckout displays confusing output
TW-70932 — Redundant colon after test suite name in "Current scope" line
TW-64634 — Code coverage details on the build page in new UI look not nice
TW-70394 — Magic Wand dialog does not mention Targeting Packs in .NET Required SDK
TW-70189 — Tests tab does not properly show more than 999 test occurrences
TW-70067 — Order debug logging presets alphabetically


TW-71218 — Search plugin: UI improvements
TW-66859 — Redesign agents communication with secondary nodes
TW-71437 — Update Java in docker agent images
TW-71431 — Update "What's new" link in header
TW-71157 — Deprecate the old Node.js runner
TW-71507 — Update TeamCity docker image components
TW-70441 — Use REST cloud/images endpoint instead of overview?cloudImages controller
TW-71186 — Update bundled Tomcat to the latest 8.5.x
TW-69742 — Unbundle old rest API plugins
TW-57968 — Make investigation assigner plugin working on a read-only node
TW-69959 — Service workers: plugin expiration
TW-71187 — Make Сheckout policy "Auto" default for git
TW-71331 — Store build_number in nvarchar in case of SQL server
TW-67244 — GraphQL back-end setup
TW-69158 — [S3 Storage] Use signature version 4 by default and remove the option from UI.
TW-70424 — Minimize number of suggested SDK versions on .NET steps auto-detection
TW-64234 — Create index on table remember_me
TW-71327 — Add API for polling detached build on server
TW-70431 — Simplify the logic of the Pull Requests plugin
TW-65633 — Update bundled JaCoCo version
TW-71188 — Update bundled Java to
TW-71272 — Upgrade Kotlin used for DSL to the latest 1.4.x version
TW-71240 — Consider updating JDBC drivers
TW-71246 — Update IntelliJ IDEA coverage engine bundled with TeamCity
TW-68437 — Update bundled Ant to version 1.10.10
TW-71191 — Update bundled dotCover version to 2021.1.1
TW-71194 — Update SVNKit library from 1.10.1 to the latest 1.10.3
TW-71156 — Update bundled ReSharper tool version to 2021.1.1
TW-70753 — Do not modify read only projects and build configurations on changes in external ids
TW-70628 — Replace legacy dotnet property providers with the new one
TW-69993 — Clear Service Worker cache on logout
TW-70605 — Upgrade JGit version bundled with git plugin
TW-70754 — Do not change archiving status of read only sub projects
TW-70323 — Make header administrator link rendered with text, not icon
TW-70260 — Ephemeral (with a small life period) cloud agents should be marked by an agent configuration property
TW-69946 — Service worker: cache project permissions requests
TW-70181 — Correct texts for Access Tokens in User Settings
TW-70101 — Add a limit for a number of build problems which can be reported per build
TW-70023 — Change revalidation header
TW-68527 — Add a help icon/link near the personal build option in the run custom dialog

Security Problem

4 security problems have been fixed.

Last modified: 20 May 2021