TeamCity Add-in 2024.1 Help


TeamCity Add-in options: TeamCity | Perforce

In this page of TeamCity Add-in options, you can enable and configure integration with Perforce VCS. If your solution is under Perforce, this integration will enable you to perform personal build, remote run, pre-tested commit and analyze changesets, builds and tests

Enable Perforce support

Select this checkbox to let TeamCity Add-in access your Perforce VCS.

Use Perforce client

Choose how TeamCity Add-in should find the Perforce client executable.

  • Detected using 'Path' environment variable - this option works in most cases when the client is in the default installation directory.

  • Specified explicitly - select this option to manually specify the full path to the P4 executable file p4.exe.

Connection settings


Specifies your Perforce server name and port.


Specifies the login name used to access Perforce.


Specifies the Perforce workspace for your project.


Specifies password for the login name.


From this list, select a specific charset used in the P4 client.

Test Connection

Click this button to test the specified connection settings.

Last modified: 09 April 2024