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TeamCity Add-in options: TeamCity | Subversion

In this page of TeamCity Add-in options, you can enable and configure integration with Subversion VCS. If your solution is under Subversion, this integration will enable you to perform personal build, remote run, pre-tested commit and analyze changesets, builds and tests

Enable Subversion support

Select this checkbox to let TeamCity Add-in access your Subversion VCS.

Use Subversion client

Choose how TeamCity Add-in should find the Subversion client executable.

  • Detected using 'Path' environment variable — this option works in most cases when the client is in the default installation directory.

  • Specified explicitly — select this option to manually specify the full path to the Subversion executable file svn.exe.

Login Settings

Select one of the authentication options:

  • Use Subversion local copy authentication — Select this option to log in using the login settings from Subversion's configuration %APPDATA%\Subversion\auth.

  • Use explicit login — Select this option, and then in Login and Password, specify the username and password.

Search changes in

Select one of the authentication options:

  • Automatically detected directories — Select this option to let the application automatically detect directories that are under Subversion control.

  • Manually specified directories — Select this option, and then use Add and Remove to manually specify your local directories where TeamCity Add-in will search for local changes. You can also click Autodetect to let TeamCity Add-in find all directories under Subversion control that belong to the open solution. Note that in this case, all Subversion externals, if any, must be specified explicitly.

Last modified: 09 April 2024