Upsource 2018.2 Help

Starting and stopping Upsource

The commands for a ZIP installation



Start Upsource as a background process

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat start

Start Upsource as a Windows service

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat service install /runAsSystem

Start Upsource with another user account

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat service install /user=<user> [/domain=<domain>] /password=<password>

Stop Upsource

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat stop

Restart Upsource

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat restart

List available commands

<upsource_home>/bin/upsource.bat help

The commands for a Docker installation



Start Upsource

docker start <containerId>

This command is for subsequent starts of an existing container. To run Upsource for the first time, use this one.

Stop Upsource

docker exec <containerId> stop


docker stop -t 1800 <containerId>

To ensure graceful Upsource shutdown and avoid potential data loss, do not run this command without the required timeout value.

List available commands

docker run -it jetbrains/upsource:<version> help
Last modified: 13 March 2019