Upsource 2020.1 Help

Locating reviews

There is a number of ways to discover reviews and their status across the entire project.

To see the reviews you've created or have been added to as a participant, you can:

  1. Click Reviews ..


    to go to the Reviews page:


    The reviews in the list can be filtered out and limited to a specific group:

    • Created— reviews in which you participate as an author.

    • Assigned— reviews in which you participate or are expected to participate as a reviewer.

    • Has concern— reviews where you participate as an author and that contain changes that reviewers raised concern about.

    • Mentioned— reviews in which you participate in any role.

    • Completed— reviews which have been completed by reviewers and which you are expected to close.

    You can also sort the list in a preferred order:


    Each review also has Read/ Unread status which gives you a hint whether you've already opened this review or not. You can change the status manually, for example, marking a review you participate in as unread if you wish to come back to it later:

  2. You can search for specific reviews using various search parameters.

  3. You can also browse all reviews in the project by scrolling through the revision list:


    Revisions under a review are marked with a clickable Review icon CR_reviewIcon linking to the review home page. Closed reviews are greyed out.

Last modified: 02 April 2021