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Importing TextMate Bundles

TextMate bundles become available to WebStorm when they are downloaded to your computer.

To import a TextMate bundle, follow these general steps

  1. Make sure that TextMate bundles you want to import to WebStorm, are already downloaded. For example, you can find the desired TextMate bundles on GitHub.
  2. Open Settings/Preferences dialog, and click TextMate Bundles.
  3. In the TextMate Bundles page, click add:
  4. In the Select Path dialog box that opens, locate the desired bundle in the file system, and click OK. Repeat this step as required.
  5. Apply changes.
  6. If necessary, add the desired file type to the to the imported TM bundle.

    For example, if you want Ruby files with .rb extension to be supported by the WebStorm's TextMate integration, you have to open for editing the file Ruby.tmbundle\Syntaxes\Ruby.plist, locate the section fileTypes, and under array add rb.

    Then restart WebStorm.

  7. Just to make sure that the desired file type will be opened via the TextMate bundles, open File Types page of the Settings dialog, among the recognized file types find Files supported via TextMate bundles, and see the list of extensions:

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Last modified: 11 July 2016