Writerside Help


This is the third public EAP release of Writerside. Based on IntelliJ platform 2023.3.

Export to PDF

Writerside can generate a PDF from your documentation sources. The PDF will contain a table of contents with the page numbers and an optional cover page. It can also have some custom text in the header and footer of every page.

Build PDF action

For more information, see Export to PDF.

Paste images into editor

When you copy and then paste an image into the editor, Writerside saves it to the images directory and inserts a reference to it in the topic.

Paste image

For more information, see Images.

Remove unused images

Unless you carefully clean up every time you remove something from your documentation sources, you are very likely to end up with a lot of unused topics, images, and pieces of content. Writerside provides various features to help you keep the sources clean and perform regular maintenance.

Unused images

For more information, see Remove unused images.

Inspection for topic not in current instance

Writerside can detect if a topic in the editor is not included in the currently selected instance. For more information, see Detect topic not in current instance.

Notable bug fixes

  • WRS-3460 Freezes when importing Markdown documentation

  • WRS-3467 Freezes when working in a WSL environment

  • WRS-3511 Wide UML diagram does not fit the viewport

  • WRS-3649 Large image without a thumbnail inspection does not work in Markdown

  • WRS-3741 Invalid action name for Image in the Insert popup menu

  • WRS-3856 ignore-vars does not work for <code>

  • WRS-1013 element-id is considered duplicate ID when included in the same topic

  • False positive errors during API documentation reference generation

Last modified: 21 June 2024