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This is the fourth public EAP release of Writerside. Based on IntelliJ platform 2023.3.

API Docs

New action for adding API documentation from the table of contents.

Add API Reference

The action opens a dialog where you can point to the API specification, select the format of generated topics, and configure some other relevant options.

Generate API Reference dialog

For more information, see Generate API reference.

D2 diagrams

Added support for creating D2 diagrams.

D2 diagram example

For more information, see D2 diagrams.

Formatting in headings

You can now use inline formatting in headings of chapters, procedures, and other elements that have titles.

Inline formatting in headings

PDF export

  • You can now select the keymap to use for produced PDFs. So if you have shortcuts defined for Windows, macOS, and Linux, you can produce three sets of PDF docs.

  • Fixed rendering of long code blocks, formatted variables, and links to other topics in the See also section.

Offline documentation

Produced artifacts no longer depend on external resources hosted at resources.jetbrains.com. Set <offline-docs>true<offline-docs> in buildprofiles.xml to bundle the frontend application and the PWA icons in the built artifact. This enables you to publish such artifacts as a self-contained website in an isolated environment without internet access.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Builds can now produce sitemap.xml for better SEO. Make sure to properly host it during publication and submit it to Google and other search engines if necessary. For more information, see Generate sitemap.

  • Added support for dark-themed GIFs.

  • The <color-preset> option now works as expected in buildprofiles.xml and correctly controls the intensity of the accent color.

  • Various improvements and fixes of GUI elements, markup validation, and inspections.

New in Writerside help

Last modified: 14 March 2024