Writerside Help


This is the fifth public EAP release of Writerside. Based on IntelliJ platform 2024.1.

Downloadable resources

Add files as downloadable resources along with the published documentation, for example, if you need to provide a file with some sample data to accompany a tutorial, or a ZIP archive with some installable utility.

For more information, see Downloadable resources.

Custom search service

You can now run your own service with an endpoint for search requests from your published help. You can create a custom service that handles search requests and responds with proper search results, or try our sample service that uses collected search indexes. Instead of sending the indexes to a third party, like Algolia, feed them to our search service that you host and own yourself.

For more information, see Custom search service.

API documentation

We continue to improve the support for generating API documentation:

  • Writerside now generates response samples in addition to request samples.

  • You can now provide custom titles for request and response samples. By default, the corresponding tab names depend on the language, such as JSON example and Java example.

  • If you select to generate separate pages for schema objects, Writerside will also create convenient links to them.

  • The <api-doc>, <api-endpoint>, <api-schema> elements now include the depth attribute to limit how many levels of nested objects to generate.

PDF export

Generated API documentation is now available in the PDF output. Also, we fixed various rendering issues with tables, tabs, images, and truncated text in tips, notes, and warnings.

Other fixes and improvements

  • Revamped the New Project wizard and fixed several issues with it. You can now choose whether you want to create an empty documentation project or add an initial instance and first topic and specify their names.

  • The project now correctly reloads when switching between git branches, properly updates the TOC, and preserves the selected instance.

  • Fixed various issues with resolving, highlighting, and renaming image references.

  • Added support for dark versions of the video preview images.

  • Several fixes in the published output include: correct scrolling to link anchors, expanding collapsed elements, word wrapping in cards and tooltips.

  • Improved handling of variables: proper highlighting and an action to escape them.

  • Some inspections are now more reliable and user-friendly: wide code block properly processes leading indentation and the unused topic inspection also suggests adding it to the current instance in addition to removing the unused topic file.

  • Fixed small issues with incorrect XML schema and markup validation. Elements in various XML files are now fully annotated and documented: topic files, tree files, writerside.cfg, and buildprofiles.xml.

  • Fixed several exceptions and performance issues.

Last modified: 23 May 2024