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Admonition blocks

Tip, note, and warning are formatted text blocks used to highlight important information, warn users, or provide tips. They are colored and have an icon to the left according to the block type.

You can use text, lists, and visual elements inside them.

In Markdown, the quote markup is rendered as a tip by default. But you can alter it using the style attribute placed in the curly brackets after the block.


Use <tip> blocks to provide optional information or give an advice.

<tip> <p> A piece of advice. </p> </tip>
> A piece > of advice


Use a <note> for important information that you want to highlight.

<note> <p> Just FYI. </p> </note>
> Just FYI. > {style="note"}


Use a <warning> for critical information.

<warning> <p> You shall not pass. </p> </warning>
> You shall > not pass > {style="warning"}
Last modified: 24 April 2024