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Column selection

IntelliJ IDEA supports the column selection mode which can be handy while working with Markdown tables.

Use column selection to manage tables

  1. Enable the column selection mode: press Alt+Shift+Insert or select Edit | Column Selection Mode.

  2. Select the whole column using a cursor or select one cell and then use Shift+Up and Shift+Down to select others.

  3. Copy the selection.

  4. Step to the end of the first row and paste.

    Column selection

Now you have a copy of the table column and can edit its content. In the same way, you can delete the column.

Use multiple carets with column selection

  1. Step on the row.

  2. Use Shift+Up and Shift+Down or drag the cursor and move it up and down to place carets to each row.

  3. Edit a few values.

  4. Switch the column selection off or reload the tab.

Last modified: 19 April 2024