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Find usages

When you write or edit documents, you might want to change some element, for example, a topic, or even delete it.

Before applying such changes, a good practice is to check whether this topic or snippet is referenced or included in other documents.

Find usages

  1. Step on the id in the topic or snippet element.

  2. Right-click and select the Find usages option or press Alt+F7.

  3. Check the results in the Find tool window. The results will be grouped into Include, Topic, Topic link, and Toc element tree areas. In the Topic link area, see all references to a specific topic. In the Toc element area, see how a topic is used in a Table of contents. In Include area see where a topic is included.

    Find tool window
  4. Select an item to display in the Preview area to the right. Here you can check a specific usage or edit it.

  5. If too many results are found, click Settings icon on the toolbar in the Find tool window to manage scopes.

Manage scopes

Sometimes in the results, you can see many links, but most of them are for other instances. You can apply Find usages action only to specific instances by limiting scopes.

  1. Press Alt+F7 to open the Find Usages dialog.

  2. Click Settings icon on the toolbar.

  3. In the Scope field, select a scope for your search.

    Find usages
  4. You can limit scope only to topics and libraries included in the current or not in the current instance.

Last modified: 13 June 2024