Writerside Help

Import from Markdown

If you have existing documentation authored in Markdown, you can import it as a new Writerside project or manually add specific Markdown files as topics to your current Writerside project.

Create new documentation project

  1. From the main menu, select File | New | Project.

  2. In the New Project wizard, select Import from MD and click Next.

  3. Select the location of your Markdown sources.

    The wizard will show you a list of Markdown files in the selected location. You can choose which files you want to import.

    If you do not want to import images and videos, clear the Copy all media files used in selected Markdown files checkbox.

    Click Next.

  4. Specify the name and location for your new project and click Finish.

Manually add Markdown files as topics to a Writerside project

  1. Copy the Markdown files into the topics directory.

  2. In the Table of Contents pane of the Writerside tool window , click the New Topic button New Topic and select Link Topic Files to TOC.

  3. Start typing the name of the file to filter the list and select the topic you want to add to the TOC. If necessary, change the order and hierarchy of the topics. For more information, see Table of contents.

  4. If the Markdown files reference images, copy the images to the images directory and manually update references in Markdown files. For more information, see Visual elements.

Once Markdown files are in your Writerside project, you can use semantic elements and attributes to enhance your topics with Tabs, Collapsible blocks, Switchable content, and other markup. For more information, see Markup reference.

Last modified: 28 November 2023