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Topic and chapter labels

Use labels to mark a topic or chapter that describes a commercial or internal feature, something that is still in development, or applies to a specific version or technology. Labels help your readers understand at a glance whether content is relevant for them.

Each header can have only one primary label and multiple secondary labels. Your readers can hover over any label to see a tooltip with details about what the label means. If you define a URL for a primary label, readers can also click it to go to this URL, for example, to see a comparison of plans or editions.

Define labels

To define labels, add the labels.list file to the help module root next to writerside.cfg.

Here is an example of the labels.list file:

<labels xmlns:xsi="http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="https://resources.jetbrains.com/writerside/1.0/labels.xsd"> <primary-label id="label" short-name="L" name="Label"> This is an example label </primary-label> <primary-label id="jetbrains" short-name="JB" name="JetBrains" href="https://www.jetbrains.com" color="red"> Go to www.jetbrains.com </primary-label> <secondary-label id="wip" name="WIP" color="purple">Work in progress</secondary-label> <secondary-label id="beta" name="β" color="tangerine">Beta</secondary-label> <secondary-label id="experimental" name="Experimental" color="purple">This is an experimental feature</secondary-label> <secondary-label id="2023.3" name="2023.3" color="blue">New in version 2023.3</secondary-label> </labels>

Use the <primary-label> and <secondary-label> elements to define labels.

Every label must have an id used to reference the label. The name defines the text that renders next to the header, while short-name is used for primary labels in the topic navigation block. Primary labels can also define a href to point to some URL when the reader clicks the label.

Use the color attribute to define the color of the label.

To set the tooltip text for a label, define it as text inside the element, between the opening and closing tags.

Insert labels

To use labels, add them as <primary-label> and <secondary-label> elements inside <topic> and <chapter>.

<topic title="Labels" id="labels"> <primary-label ref="label"/> <secondary-label ref="wip"/> <secondary-label ref="beta"/> <p> This is a labeled topic about some Beta version of an unfinished feature.</p> <chapter title="Some chapter" id="some-chapter"> <primary-label ref="jetbrains"/> <secondary-label ref="2023.3"/> <secondary-label ref="experimental"/> <p> This chapter is marked with the JetBrains label, applies to version 2023.3, and describes something experimental.</p> </chapter> </topic>
Last modified: 13 June 2024