YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

Release Notes

YouTrack lets you export a list of issues as an HTML page. You can use this page to publish release notes for a product. The ID of each issue in the list is set as a link to the original issue in YouTrack.

The maximum number of issues that you can export is determined by the Max issues to export setting on the Global Settings page. The default value is 500. If the number of issues that you want to export exceeds the global limit, ask an administrator to increase this value. For more information, see System.

To generate a list of issues as release notes:

  1. Click the Issues link in the header.

  2. Search for the issues that you want to display on the HTML page. To create release notes, you can use a search query like this one:

    in: YouTrack #Feature #Task Fix versions: 2019.2.59309

    YouTrack finds features and tasks in the YouTrack project with the Verified state that were fixed and verified for version 2019.2.59309.

  3. From the Reports menu in the header, select Release notes.

    Release notes option in the Reports menu.
    • An HTML page is generated with the list of issues.

    • The issues in the list are grouped by issue type.

  4. Use the View options menu to set the level of detail. The following options are available:



    With comments

    Displays the comments that have been added to each issue. The comment author and date when the comment was added to the issue are also shown.

    With description

    Displays the description for each issue in the HTML report.

  5. Click the link to see the page title.

    Issues in html settings

That's it! Your list of issues is presented in a release notes format. You can add the URL for this page to your website or product update notifications.

Last modified: 16 July 2024