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JetBrains AI

The JetBrains AI page contains settings and information that help you manage the integration between the JetBrains AI service and your YouTrack site. To access this page, open the Administration menu and select Integrations > JetBrains AI.

JetBrains AI Integration settings.

When enabled, the AI Assistant is available to selected users and groups. By default, this feature is enabled for Everyone. To restrict access to specific users, groups, and teams, open the menu and select one or more items from the list.


The AI Assistant in YouTrack is available to all of our customers whose instances are hosted in YouTrack Cloud.

For YouTrack Server, this feature is available for all users except on installations whose paid subscriptions have expired. However, it is only available after your installation has been upgraded to YouTrack version 2023.3 or higher.

Due to the restrictions imposed by the providers of AI services connected to JetBrains AI, usage of the service is only permitted in specific locations. To determine whether these restrictions apply to your location, please refer to the JetBrains website.

Grazie Writing Assistant

This setting determines whether users have access to the built-in Grazie writing assistant or not. This feature is only available when the integration with the JetBrains AI service is active.

  • When this option is switched on, AI-powered spelling and grammar checks are available to all users in your YouTrack site.

  • When off, AI-powered spelling and grammar checks are deactivated system-wide.

When the JetBrains AI integration is active, this feature is also active by default. If your organization's ability to work is impeded by the writing assistant in any way, you can use setting to switch it off.

AI Credits

Your YouTrack site is allocated a fixed number of free credits for working with the JetBrains AI service. Each interaction with the AI Assistant in YouTrack consumes one credit. These credits are refreshed on a weekly basis.

Currently, it is not possible to purchase additional credits, but this feature will be implemented at a later date.

How We Handle Your Data

When you use AI features, YouTrack sends your requests to the LLM (Large Language Model) provider. In addition to the content used in the prompts, it sends additional information about the context where the AI Assistant is analyzing the text (for example, in an issue, article, or comment).

YouTrack installations that have opted into sharing feature usage statistics with JetBrains also collect detailed data about the usage of AI features, including the full communication with the LLM. This data is kept strictly confidential and is used by JetBrains for product improvement purposes only. It is never shared with any external parties, and it will not be used for training any ML models that generate code or text, or revealed in any form to any other users.

The Grazie Writing Assistant also adheres to strict measures to protect the privacy and security of user data:

  • JetBrains doesn't use any text you type for training our language models.

  • We ensure that none of your texts are retained in the memory or logs of our servers.

For more information about our data collection policies, refer to the JetBrains AI Terms of Service, JetBrains Grazie Terms of Service, and the JetBrains Privacy Policy.

Last modified: 19 June 2024