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Manage Agents

The number of active agents along with standard users affect the price of the YouTrack license. In this article, we describe how you can manage agent users in YouTrack.

When you purchase a YouTrack license, you decide how many agent and standard user licenses you need. Each registered user with full access to YouTrack features needs a standard user license. In addition to a standard user license, every agent user needs an agent license to be able to communicate with external helpdesk users.

View Agents

On the Users page, you can view the list of all agents in YouTrack.

To view the list of agents:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Users.

  2. Deselect the Standard users and Reporters options so that only the Agents option remains selected.

    The list of all agents
    • You can see the list of all users of Agent type, including banned ones.

  3. Type not is: banned in the filter bar and press Enter to view only unbanned agents that count against the license.

    For more details about filtering the list of users, see Hub Search Reference

    The list of all unbanned agents

Reallocate Agent Licenses

When you need to grant some users with agent licenses and revoke agent access from others, you can do that either on the Users page or in the profile of a particular user.

  • On the Users page, locate the target user and select the new user type from the dropdown in the User Type column

    The user type options
  • In the profile of a user, select the new type from the User type dropdown and click the Save button.

    The user type options in the user profile

For more details, see Change the Type of a User.

To view the number of currently used agent licenses, open the License Details tab on the Global Settings page.

The license details

Add Users to Agents in a Project

To provide a user with access to a helpdesk project as an agent, you need to add this user to agents for this particular project.

To make a user an agent in a project:

  1. From the Edit project page, select the Team tab.

  2. If the target user is not included into the project team yet, click the Add members button.

  3. In the Add Team Members dialog, select the target user.

  4. Click the Add button.

    • The selected user is added to the project team.

    • The user inherits any role that is assigned to the project team in the current project.

  5. Select the target user in the list.

  6. Click the Make an agent button.

    Make an agent in a project
    • If the user had the standard user type and if your current YouTrack license has unused agent licenses, the type of the user is updated to agent YouTrack immediately expands or restricts the access of the target user to YouTrack features according to the new user type.

      If you have reached your current limit of the users of a particular user type, you will see a warning popup informing you about the license limitations.

    • The user is added to the agents in this particular project. They can now communicate with reporters directly.

Remove Users from Agents in a Project

When a user doesn't need agent access to a project any longer, you can remove them from agents in this project.

To remove a user from agents in a project:

  1. From the Edit project page, select the Team tab.

  2. Select the target user from the list.

  3. Click the Remove from agents button.

    Remove a user from agents in a project
    • The user is removed from the list of agents in this project. They can't post any public comments in tickets in this project anymore.

    • The user type remains to be agent. If the user is added to agents in another helpdesk project, they don't lose this access.

      If you need to change the type for the user, you can do it either on the Users page or in the user profile. For details, see Change the Type of a User.

    • The user remains in the project team and keeps the team roles. For more information about team access, see Manage the Project Team.

Last modified: 23 November 2023