YouTrack Cloud 2024.1 Help

Project Admin Quick Start Guide

Before you can start posting issues in YouTrack, you have to create at least one project. You will also need to ensure that your users have access to create and update issues in the project.

As a user with a Project Admin role, you have the ability to customize your project. If you're new to YouTrack, use this list of topics to find your way around. These topics are listed in the order that you would normally perform the tasks that are described on each page.



Project Templates

Before you rush right in and create a project, take a moment to learn about our project templates. When you pick the pre-configured template that matches your development style, you have less to configure on your own.

Create a Project

There isn't much to it, but there are a lot of things that happen in the background after you click Create project. Have a quick read through this topic so you're not caught off guard.

Manage the Project Team

Make sure that everyone who should be able to view and update issues in your project has the appropriate level of access.

Manage Assignees

You might need to assign issues to users who work in other departments or belong to other project teams. Make sure that these users have access to your project and add them to the list of users in the Assignee field.

Manage Project Access

You can give various levels of access to people who aren't members of the project team by granting roles to specific users and groups. This lets you share information with people who aren't directly involved in the project.

Manage Custom Fields

No two projects are exactly alike. Customize the fields and store all the values that define issues in your project.

Enable Time Tracking

If you want your team to track the amount of time they spend on each issue, enable the Time Tracking feature. This lets your team add spent time to issues as work items. You can even define and track your own work item types.

Manage Workflows

You can use workflows to update issues automatically, process issues on a set schedule, or define the transitions that are allowed between values in a custom field. Attach the workflows that support your business process and detach the issues that you don't want to use in your project.

As a project administrator, you can configure your projects to match your requirements. For a quick overview of the project-level customization options in YouTrack, watch this demo:

Last modified: 28 May 2024