YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

Managing Your License

YouTrack offers licenses for paid subscriptions that use a per-user pricing model. Both the subscription cost and available storage space are calculated based on the number of active registered users and helpdesk agents in your instance.

YouTrack Cloud instances with paid subscriptions that were registered prior to the introduction of this pricing model pay annually or monthly for a fixed number of user accounts. If you'd like to take advantage of our per-user pricing option, you can switch to the new model.

However, you are not obliged to change your plan if the new pricing model doesn't suit you. We continue to support the older plans for existing customers. If you're happy with your current subscription, you can stick with your existing license. You can extend your subscription for your current plan as long as you wish.

The following changes are not supported:

  • You can't switch a license that is tied to the old model to another old plan for a different number of users. If you want to switch to a license that supports a different number of users, you need to migrate to the new per-user pricing model.

  • If you switch your license to the new model, you can't switch back to your old plan. The old plans are not available for newly registered instances and are no longer offered as an option for upgrades.

  • You can't create helpdesk projects if your license is tied to the old model. To start using helpdesk, you need to migrate to the new per-user pricing model.

You can manage subscriptions for active instances on the Licenses page in your JetBrains Account.

Upgrade to a Paid Subscription

When you register a new YouTrack Cloud instance, you are given a license that lets you use the application for free for up to 10 users and 3 helpdesk agents on an unlimited basis. If you've decided that you add more users or agents to your instance, you can switch to a paid subscription.

To upgrade to a paid subscription:

  1. From the Administration menu, select Server Settings > Global Settings.

  2. Select the License Details tab.

  3. On the License Details tab, click the Subscribe now button.

    Upgrade free plan.
    • The JetBrains eStore opens in a new browser tab.

    • You see a list of available subscription options for your current license.

  4. In the Upgrade Options section of the page, choose whether you want to be billed monthly or annually and designate the number of users and agents you want to add to the license.

    Upgrade options in the JetBrains eStore.
  5. To continue with the purchase, click the corresponding Switch button.

  6. On the eStore Identification page, choose which email account you want to use to register the new license.

  7. Click the Next button to proceed to the checkout page and finalize the transaction.

Paid subscriptions have a 150% allowance for overuse. This means that you can add more users or agents than you initially paid for as needed. At the end of the billing cycle, you will be charged for the total number of users and agents in excess of the prepaid limit who were registered to use the application each month.

Activate a Trial

If you would like to see how YouTrack scales for larger organizations, you have the option to switch to a free trial. The free trial is limited to 14 days and lets you add up to 100 users and 50 agents. The disk space is capped at 30 GB. No credit card is required.

  • If you decide to purchase a license and continue using YouTrack, you can activate a paid subscription at any time during your trial or within one month after the trial expires.

  • You can also revert back to the free plan and continue using YouTrack. For details, see Switch to the Free Plan.

To activate the trial, click the Switch to trial button on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack Cloud instance.

Option to activate trial.

Update an Existing Subscription

Available upgrade options for your current subscription are shown in the License Details section of the Global Settings page. Click these options to access the JetBrains eStore and upgrade your current license. The following options are generally available for all paid subscriptions:

  • Add users or agents to your license.

  • Switch between monthly and annual billing cycles.

Switch to the Free Plan

If you plan to work with no more than ten active users and 3 helpdesk agents, you can switch from a paid subscription to the free plan after your current plan has been paid in full.

When you switch to the free plan in an instance that has more than ten active users, users except for the default administrator account, the guest account, and eight random users are banned. If you want to work with private projects, you can ban the guest user account and reactivate an account for a tenth registered user. For more information, see Manage the Guest User Account.

When you switch to the free plan in an instance that has more than 3 active agents, agents except for the administrator account and two random agents are banned.

You can switch to the free plan directly on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack Cloud instance.

Switch from an Old Commercial License to a Subscription with Per-user Pricing

For older instances that use a commercial license for a fixed number of user accounts, you can switch to the new pricing model at any time. The unused amount that you have pre-paid for your current subscription is subtracted from the price for the new subscription plan.

There is a restriction that applies if you want to switch your annual subscription (old or new) to a monthly billing cycle. If you have a commercial license that is billed annually and want to switch to monthly billing, you need to wait for your current subscription to expire. We don't have a mechanism in place that stores credit for unused prepayments over multiple billing cycles. We added this restriction to make sure that you don't lose what you've already paid for.

If you're currently using the free plan or trial subscription, you can also switch to the per-user model whenever you like.

You can access options for upgrading your current subscription directly on the Global Settings page of your YouTrack Cloud instance.

upgrade subscription

When you click the Upgrade your subscription button, you are authorized in the JetBrains eStore go directly to the page that shows possible upgrade options for your instance.

Last modified: 19 June 2024