YouTrack Cloud 2024.2 Help

Time Tracking

Time Tracking lets users log their work on a particular issue to track the progress towards completion and time spent. This feature also lets users create reports that show the total time spent on a project based on a variety of parameters.

There are two sets of controls that you can use to customize how time is tracked in the system:

  • The basic settings let you manage how many hours are included in a working day and which days of the week are dedicated to work.

    To learn more about these settings, see Time Tracking Settings.

  • The Work Item Attributes section lets you define which attributes you want to use to categorize your work. These attributes help you identify the information you want to capture when users add spent time to their issues by adding custom attributes to your work items.

    To learn more about this feature, see Work Item Attributes.

Last modified: 12 July 2024