YouTrack Cloud 2024.1 Help

YouTrack Cloud Instance IP Ranges

If your IT service provider has set up your firewall in a way that does not allow IMAP traffic by default, you will not be able to receive notifications from your YouTrack Cloud instance. To solve the problem, the IT provider should know a range of IP addresses from which connections to IMAP will be coming and create firewall rules that allow traffic from these sources.

These restrictions can also affect integrations with services that are deployed inside a corporate intranet. This can include build servers, version control systems, LDAP and SAML authentication providers, and so on. YouTrack Workflows and imports are also capable of making HTTP requests that may need to pass through the firewall.

YouTrack Cloud instances are hosted from the following fixed IP addresses:

Region Name

IP Addresses

Asia Pacific (Singapore),,

EU (Ireland),,

US West (N. California),,

The current data center location for your instance is displayed on the Server Configuration tab of the Global Settings page. For more information, see License Details.

Last modified: 04 May 2024