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YouTrack Import API

YouTrack lets you import content from any external source using JavaScript import scripts that map imported data to YouTrack entities. This section of the documentation describes the YouTrack import API, which you can use to create and update existing import scripts.

To learn more about working with import scripts in YouTrack, see Get Started with Import Scripts. There, you can also find a demo import script to examine and use as a base for your own script.

Working With the Import API

The YouTrack import API supports various definitions for the entities that you can import from an external source.

This API also includes the definition for a DemoClient class. This class lets you generate an interface for a client that imports entities from an external source to YouTrack.

Use the demo import script as a foundation for building your own import script without starting from scratch. If you access the demo import script in your YouTrack, you'll find the API reference and examples embedded in the script itself.

Last modified: 19 June 2024