YouTrack Server 2022.3 Help


The Integrations section of the Administration menu links to pages that let you access and manage the integration of applications with YouTrack. These pages contain settings for standard integrations. The following integrations can be set up in this area of YouTrack:




Import existing projects, users, groups and group memberships from another issue tracker. You can also sync projects that have been imported into YouTrack to retrieve changes that are made in the external application.

Mailbox Integration

Configure the integration with an email mailbox to fetch emails from a specific address. Every email message that is sent to the mailbox is converted into an issue in YouTrack.

Build Server Integration

Connect to a TeamCity continuous integration server or integrate with Jenkins. This integration lets you:

  • Automatically set the value for the Fixed in build field in YouTrack when an issue is closed in a successful build.

  • Update an issue from a comment that is entered in a VCS change commit.

  • Access corresponding VCS changes directly from an issue in YouTrack.

Upsource Integration

Establish a connection between YouTrack and Upsource through an external Hub service. This integration lets you:

  • Automatically add links to YouTrack issues in discussions, code reviews and commit messages.

  • Create an issue directly from a code review in Upsource.

  • View comments on a revision or review that mentions the issue in its name.

  • View commits where the issue is mentioned.

  • Apply YouTrack commands from a VCS commit message.

VCS Integration

Configure integrations between YouTrack projects and repositories that are hosted in one or more popular Git-based version controls systems, including GitHub, GitLab, and Bitbucket. This type of integration lets you:

  • Update an issue from a comment that is entered in a VCS change commit.

  • Access VCS commits directly from an issue in YouTrack.

Zendesk Integration

Share and sync tickets between YouTrack and a connected Zendesk instance.

These are not the only applications that you can integrate with YouTrack. There are additional integrations that are either set up outside YouTrack or are not accessed in the Integrations menu. For more information, see External Integrations.

Last modified: 21 April 2023