YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

AI-Powered Writing Assistance

YouTrack provides a built-in AI-powered writing assistant. This writing assistant can improve the clarity and quality of your writing by detecting spelling and grammar mistakes and suggesting ways to rephrase your text.

The writing assistant is powered by JetBrains Grazie. Grazie is a platform for interacting with generative AI, machine learning, and other advanced productivity tools.


Writing assistance is available for any field that stores formatted text. For issues and tickets, this includes:

  • Descriptions

  • Text fields (extended descriptions)

  • Comments

  • Descriptions in work items

Writing assistance is not available for issue and ticket summaries or fields that store unformatted strings of text.

For articles in the knowledge base, this includes:

  • Article content

  • Comments

Writing assistance is not available for article titles and inline comments.

Accept and Reject Suggestions

The Grazie writing assistant scans your text as you type. Spelling errors and other problems with grammar or style are underlined. Hover your pointer over the underlined word to see possible fixes for the problem.

  • Select a suggestion to update the underlined text.

  • To ignore the suggestion, select Dismiss for now.

    Dismissed suggestions are ignored until you reload the page.

Suggestions for a spelling mistake from the Grazie writing assistant.

A counter in the lower-right corner of the input field indicates how many suggestions are available for the current block of text. Click the counter to open the list and review each suggestion.

A list of suggestions for an article in the knowledge base.
  • The Apply all corrections with single suggestions option does exactly that. When you click this option, single suggestions are applied to underlined text, leaving only problems where there are multiple possible solutions.

  • Click the icon to ignore a suggestion.

  • Click the Deactivate link to switch off the writing assistant and close the list of suggestions.

Toggle Writing Assistance On and Off

YouTrack's built-in writing assistant is always there whenever you need it, but can be easily switched off when you don't. The option to toggle the writing assistant is available from the AI Assistant menu in the text formatting toolbar.

The option for switching the Grazie writing assistant on and off.

The popup window for reviewing bulk suggestions also contains a link that lets you deactivate the writing assistant. Once switched off, you can only reactivate the writing assistant from the AI Assistant menu.

How We Handle Your Data

Grazie adheres to strict measures to protect the privacy and security of user data:

  • JetBrains doesn't use any text you type for training our language models.

  • We ensure that none of your texts are retained in the memory or logs of our servers.

For more information, please refer to the JetBrains Grazie Terms of Service and the JetBrains Privacy Policy.

Last modified: 19 July 2024