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Helpdesk Workflows

Helpdesk projects include a set of predefined workflows that support a range of customer service-oriented use cases. These workflows are fully customizable, which means you can tailor their behavior to match your requirements. You can also toggle off specific rules that don't fit your processes.


This workflow provides standard functionality for managing duplicate tickets in your helpdesk project. This is the same workflow that is used to manage duplicates in standard projects for tracking issues.

For a detailed description of the rules supported by this workflow, see Duplicates.


This workflow provides extended functionality that is relevant to helpdesk projects. It supports the rules described below.

Merge Duplicate Tickets

When a ticket is marked as a duplicate of another ticket, this on-change rule checks whether both tickets were reported by the same user.

  • If the tickets were reported by different people, an error message is shown to the agent and the operation is reverted.

  • When the same person reported both tickets, a public comment is posted in the ticket that is marked as a duplicate. The comment includes a link to the currently active ticket.

Merge Tickets Manually

This action rule lets an agent merge duplicate tickets using the merge with command. When an agent specifies this command, they are prompted to provide the ID of the ticket that want to merge with.

This action then applies the Duplicates link to the current ticket, which triggers the Merge duplicate tickets workflow rule described above.

Reopen When Reporter Adds a Comment

This on-change rule automatically changes the value for the State field from Pending to Open whenever a comment is added by the reporter.

New Ticket from Comment

This action rule lets agents use the text from a comment in a ticket as the basis for reporting another ticket in the helpdesk project. The agent is prompted to provide a summary for the new ticket.

When this action is applied, a comment that references the new ticket is posted in the original ticket. A comment that contains a link to the original comment is also added to the new ticket.

Remind Reporters and Close Pending Tickets Automatically

This on-schedule rule checks for tickets where the value for the State field are Pending.

  • If the ticket has been pending for more than 7 days, a reminder is sent to the reporter.

  • A second reminder is sent after 14 days.

  • If the ticket is still pending after 21 days, a comment is posted to the ticket and its state is set as Solved.

If you want to customize the timeframe for sending reminders and closing abandoned tickets, you can modify the following values directly in the workflow code:




The number of days to wait before sending the first reminder.


The number of days to wait before sending the second reminder.


The number of days to wait before closing tickets automatically.

Assign Ticket to Author of First Reply

When an unassigned ticket receives a comment from an agent, this on-change rule automatically assigns the ticket to the agent who is the comment's author.

Process Spam

This workflow is used to manage spam in a helpdesk project. It supports the rules described below.

Close a Ticket When Tagged as Spam

When a ticket is updated, this on-change rule checks whether it has been flagged using the spam tag. If a tag named spam doesn't already exist, the corresponding tag is created with the default admin user account as its owner.

If the ticket has been flagged as spam, the workflow changes the value for the State field to Solved.

This workflow supports the Mark as spam option for processing tickets in helpdesk projects To learn more about this functionality, see Mark Tickets as Spam.

Remove Spam After 30 Days

This on-schedule rule checks all tickets (and issues) at 12:00 AM and automatically deletes any ticket that has been marked with the spam tag and has not been updated in the last 30 days.

Last modified: 23 May 2024