YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

YouTrack to YouTrack Migration

YouTrack provides seamless support for migrating data from one installation to another. As your organization grows and your needs change, rest assured that your data remains secure and portable.

The following migration options are available:



Migrate from Server to Cloud

Migrate from a self-hosted YouTrack Server installation to a YouTrack Cloud instance hosted by JetBrains.

Migrate from Cloud to Server

Migrate from a YouTrack Cloud instance that is hosted by JetBrains to a self-hosted YouTrack Server installation.

For detailed instructions, refer to the article relevant to your objective.

If you want to move a YouTrack Server installation from one server to another, you can configure your new YouTrack server to use a copy of your old database. For instructions, see Change Database Location.

If you need to migrate projects, issues, users, groups, and other data from another YouTrack service, you can alternatively use a YouTrack to YouTrack import.

Last modified: 19 June 2024