YouTrack Server 2024.2 Help

Update the Service Secret for YouTrack

If your YouTrack service was deleted from an external Hub installation by mistake, you may need to restore the service manually. The full set of instructions for this process is described in the Hub documentation.

To restore the service manually, you need to add a new service for YouTrack in Hub and generate a new service secret. You then need to take the ID that is assigned to the new service and the newly generated service secret and update these values in the configuration files for YouTrack.

To update the service ID and secret for your YouTrack service:

  1. Stop the YouTrack service.

  2. Locate and open the file.

    • In Docker installations, the file is located in the conf directory that was provisioned for storing this information during installation.

    • For a ZIP distribution, the file is located in the <YouTrack installation directory>/conf directory.

  3. Update the values for the and youtrack.service.secret properties. For example: youtrack.service.secret=gPQ9i7lbdvwExCAF0980QlzitmClE2Y6y4gZRTKjKXKkXPqdpP
  4. Restart the YouTrack service.

At this point, your YouTrack service should start successfully. To ensure that everything is working as it was prior to when the YouTrack service was deleted, continue to follow the instructions in the Hub documentation.

Last modified: 19 June 2024