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Organizations let you add structure to your project management efforts by grouping resources and projects under one roof. They also give you a quick and easy way to manage uniform access rights to projects and project-related content. It is a tool to group your projects and implement a hierarchy.

For example, you currently have 10 projects and one development team. You want this development team to have a role in all the projects. You can either assign the team a role to each project 10 times, or group the projects as an Organization and grant the team a role in the scope of this organization. In the future, if you create another project that this development team should be a part of, you can add this project to the organization and the team will automatically have the same access to the new project.

To access the list of organizations in YouTrack, select Organizations from the Access Management section of the Administration menu.

The list of organizations in Hub.

The following operations are available:

Last modified: 12 July 2024