YouTrack Server 2023.2 Help

What's New

We deliver updates and improvements to YouTrack on a continuous basis. Here's an overview of the changes that are available in this version.

Knowledge Base Updates

This release includes a handful of features designed to make your knowledge base experience even better.



Inline Comments

With inline comments, you can now annotate specific parts of text from articles in the knowledge base. This lets you express your thoughts and ask questions related to the highlighted content. You can also use this feature to start and resolve threaded discussions directly in an article.

PDF Export

A new option lets you export articles as PDF files, which means you can share content from your knowledge base anywhere you like, online or off.

Article Statistics

Starting from the 2023.2 release, you can track how many people are viewing and linking to your content.

Helpdesk Improvements

Following the initial release of helpdesk projects in YouTrack 2023.1, we listened to your feedback and added some valuable new features to enhance your support experience.




Tickets in helpdesk projects now include the option to add reporters and other users as CCs. This means you can keep all concerned parties up to date on every response and interaction.

Creating Tickets for Other Users

Helpdesk agents can now create tickets on behalf of any other user in the system. New search queries have been added to help agents and reporters find these tickets.

Other Enhancements



Zero Inbox for the Notification Center

You now have the ability to mark reactions and mentions as read, which means you can see an empty feed when you have read all your notifications.

Updated Workspace Settings for Lite UI

The workspace preferences that let you customize the positions of the panels for custom fields and links in YouTrack Classic are now available in YouTrack Lite as well.

Smart Suggestions for Search Queries

We've improved the logic behind the auto-completion for search queries to de-prioritize suggestions that are not likely to return matches. This means you should always see suggestions that are relevant to your current context as you refine your search criteria.

Invitations for New Users from Project Settings

YouTrack now sends invitations to new users who are added to a project team using their email address. This helps you create accounts for new teammates directly in the project settings.

Okta Synchronization

We've updated the built-in authentication module for Okta to let you sync group memberships and custom attributes on a set schedule.

New Options for Opening the Command Dialog

A new option in the Apply Command dialog in YouTrack Lite lets you choose whether to open the dialog using a standard keyboard shortcut or by pressing any key. This means you can limit this action so you don't trigger it accidentally.

Turkish Language Support

Thanks to contributions from our community translation project, you can now start using YouTrack in Turkish.

This new language option is available at the global level or as a per-user preference.

Discontinued Features



Custom Shortcut Schemes

We have removed support for custom keyboard shortcut schemes. This means that administrators can only select the default shortcut scheme or the alternative scheme for Slavic-language keyboards.

Jabber Notifications

Given the ongoing decline in popularity compared to other messaging platforms, we have decided to discontinue support for notifications over Jabber (XMPP).

MSI Distribution

Starting from YouTrack 2023.2, we no longer distribute the application as a Windows Installer package. System administrators will need to use another distribution to upgrade an existing MSI installation. We recommend that you upgrade your installation using our Docker Container.

Integration with Upsource

As JetBrains has discontinued technical support for Upsource, we have also dropped support for integrations between Upsource and YouTrack.

Last modified: 28 September 2023