YouTrack Standalone 2021.3 Help

Managing Your Profile

All registered users in YouTrack have their own profile. Your profile is where you manage your personal preferences. To access your profile, click the avatar in the header and select the Profile link.

open YouTrack profile page

The Profile page contains three tabs that let you customize your YouTrack experience. The following pages provide an overview of the settings and features for each tab:

General Profile SettingsView the attributes that are stored in your Hub account and set your personal preferences for YouTrack.
Workspace SettingsFine-tune the appearance and behavior of YouTrack workspace to suit your style.
Tags and Saved SearchesManage and share your tags and saved searches. Here, you can also view tags and saved searches that have been shared with you.
NotificationsManage your personal notification scheme to receive important updates from YouTrack over email or Jabber.
Last modified: 04 May 2021