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Get the ultimate debugging experience for investigating and solving problems in your C/C++ code locally, remotely, and on microcontrollers.

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Inspect the code at every step

Use line, symbol, exception, and conditional breakpoints to inspect your code’s execution. Log the events, remove breakpoints once they’ve been hit, or disable them until another one is hit.

Make use of the Watches and Variables views, or evaluate the result of a function call or an arbitrary expression on the go.

Get smart and friendly in-editor assistance

Step through the code with keyboard shortcuts, or move the execution point back and forth by simply dragging the arrow in the editor.

Get a full view of your project with variables’ values or an arbitrary expression as an Inline Watch shown right in the editor as you debug.

Go beyond standard debugging

Run and debug your application with root/admin privileges in CLion.

On Linux and macOS you can open an existing core dump of a crashed process in CLion and debug it there.

Customize your debugging experience

Choose between GDB or LLDB backends. Load custom pretty printers and NatVis renderers when debugging in CLion.

Use the same familiar command-line to control the debugger in the built-in Debugger console tab.

Debug locally or remotely

Build, run, and debug your application or unit tests locally or remotely.

Connect to the executable running on a remote machine under gdbserver with the GDB from CLion started locally, and inspect the code using all the benefits of CLion’s debugger UI.

Debug on microcontrollers

For on-chip debugging, use the Open On-Chip Debugger or Embedded GDB Server configurations (including OpenOCD, ST-Link GDB Servers, Segger J-Link GDB Server, QEMU, and many other specific GDB servers).

Dive deeper with disassembly and memory views, and the peripheral view for embedded devices.

CLion: A power tool
for a power language

CLion is a fully Integrated Development Environment for coding in C and C++ on Windows, Linux, and macOS.

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Customers worldwide trust CLion

Thousands of companies and individuals from all over the world use CLion for their everyday development tasks. Join them and code with the speed and confidence this powerful IDE offers you!


"CLion takes a lot of the toil out of C++, allowing me to concentrate on the interesting part: problem solving."

Matt Godbolt, Compiler Explorer

"CLion has been indispensable for me when refactoring large codebases. The refactoring tools and the real-time feedback in the IDE about which lines still need to be updated are excellent time savers. Each release gets better and more responsive than the last!"

Jason Turner, C++ Weekly, CppCast, Trainer, Consultant

"CLion is fantastic, finally the C++ high quality cross-platform IDE with CMake as first class build system we were waiting for."

Prof. Dr. Rodriguez-Losada, Conan, JFrog