Team tools

JetBrains team tools let your whole team collaborate and perform at its best.

Build, test, deploy. Repeat.
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Integrate and deploy continuously

  • Create deployment pipelines
  • Set up infrastructure as code using the TeamCity Kotlin DSL
  • See the build status and results on the fly
  • Use multiple deployment environments with deployments history
  • Store and manage artifacts with built-in artifacts storage
  • Manage permissions granularly, via project, sub-project, and user group roles

Issue tracking and agile project management
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Work as a team

YouTrack can benefit everyone in your company! Customize projects for different departments and create processes that bring teams together.

Migrate painlessly

YouTrack provides one-click import from Jira and ready-to-use scripts to migrate from any common tracking system.

Dare to be agile

  • Use Agile Boards for Scrum, Kanban or a mixed process
  • Manage product backlog and plan your sprints
  • Create workflows to customize YouTrack for your process
  • Filter issues quickly with smart search queries
  • Create issue drafts and manage them at any time
  • See changes that are applied on the board or in the backlog in real time

Code reviews and more
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Improve your code, project, and process

  • Automate your code review workflow and leverage smart suggestions
  • Review changes from your IDE, or use web UI
  • Discover design flaws and project-wide risks using project analytics
  • Onboard new team members faster and share knowledge
  • Scale it

Tightly integrate YouTrack, TeamCity and Upsource.
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