Let’s talk about you and GoLand

We love hearing from you!
That’s why we’re inviting you to a dedicated meeting with the GoLand team. Does your company use GoLand, or IntelliJ IDEA with the Go plugin, or are you considering migrating to GoLand with your team? Come along and join us for a chat!

We’ll talk about:
Product Demo
Considering switching to GoLand? We would love an opportunity to give you a full product demo!
Tips & Tricks
Learn how to get the most from GoLand so you can focus on the creative part of your work.
Missing a feature in GoLand? See if it's planned for an upcoming version and if not, let us know!
Something not working right? We're ready to discuss any issues you might have with the product.
Open to Ideas
We are open to any other suggestions you may have that would help your team use GoLand more successfully.

Gather up some teammates who are interested in taking advantage of this opportunity and complete the form below. We’ll contact you shortly!
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