Teaching With JetBrains IDEs

Create interactive courses in JetBrains IDEs, customize them any way you want, and share your knowledge.

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Start with the course structure

Building your own course is easy, especially when you have all of the necessary tools in your IDE. Start by adding your course title, programming language, and description. You can switch to the learner’s view anytime to see your course how your students would see it and make sure it’s easy to follow.

Fill your course with lessons and tasks

Every course is structured as a list of lessons. Add different tasks to your lessons, such as multiple-choice questions, theoretical topics, or coding exercises with output validation. Your students will be able to check their learning progress as they complete the tasks.

Customize your tasks

Consider adding helpful hints, images to illustrate your learning content, or in-course links to refer learners to a particular lesson, task, or file. You can also instruct the IDE to display specific versions of screenshots and videos depending on whether the learner uses the light or the dark IDE theme.

Add placeholders

To make your course more interactive, add custom answer placeholders to your tasks and set up dependencies between the tasks. For example, once a student adds their code to the “type here” placeholder, you can have it automatically reused for the next tasks in the lesson.

Automate reviews

Provide your students with immediate feedback by writing custom tests to verify their solutions. If the code is correct and the test passes, your student will receive a message that says "Correct". Don’t forget to add hints and motivational messages in case the learner’s solution doesn’t work, though.

Share your course

Once your course is ready, share with others on JetBrains Marketplace. There, you'll view detailed statistics for your course, manage information about it, and check its ratings and reviews. Alternatively, you can push your course to GitHub or distribute it privately by exporting it to an archive.

Select the language to start teaching

You are just two steps away from creating your own course. Download the IDE for the language you want to teach, enable its educational functionality, and then turn your knowledge into someone’s future programming journey!

Alexander Kulikov
Founder of the Computer Science Center

“Learning in JetBrains IDEs allows students to get used to a professional programming environment, (which they will definitely be using when they get a job) from the very beginning.”

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