What’s New in PhpStorm 10

Enjoy productive PHP and web development with PhpStorm. Take advantage of deep code understanding, top-notch coding assistance, and support for all major tools and frameworks.

PHP Language & Editing Experience

PHP 7 Support in PhpStorm

PHP 7 support

PhpStorm 10 provides extended PHP 7 support, including PHP 7 compatibility inspections.

Work with:

  • Anonymous Classes
  • Return Type Declarations
  • Null Coalesce Operator
  • Group Use Declarations
  • Context Sensitive Lexer
  • and more to unleash the full power of PHP 7.
Improved Code Completion in PhpStorm

Improved code completion

Code completion has been significantly reworked:

  • Name Suggestion: foreach value name by foreach array name
  • Method name and signature completion for parent overriding and interface implementation
  • Completion of property and constant for parent overriding
  • Completion of languages for persistent injections after @lang
  • Better completion of language constructs (exit, isset, etc.), type casts and more.
In-place rename refactoring in PhpStorm

In-place rename refactoring

When doing refactoring in PhpStorm 10, you can rename a variable, parameter, class, method, constant or goto label in-place, right in the editor.

Thanks to a great innovation in the refactoring engine, you'll now see the item you want to rename highlighted in the editor pane instead of the usual dialog.

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Other PHP-related enhancements

  • Duplicates search on extract method
  • Smart copy/paste from/in strings
  • Ability to configure in Live Templates date() or time() output as the current unix timestamp

New Debugging Experience

Interactive Debug Console in PhpStorm

Interactive debug console for PHP (REPL)

This brand new debugging feature of PhpStorm 10 allows you to alter variables, call PHP functions, and define additional functions – all on the fly.

Call it up and find yourself in a 'sandbox' where you can try out expressions and snippets while staying in the debug context.

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Code Completion in Watchers in PhpStorm

Completion in watches pane, evaluation dialog and breakpoint conditions

To further enhance your debugging experience, code completion is now available during debugging in Watches pane, Evaluation dialog, and in breakpoint conditions.

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Code Analysis


Dataflow analysis

PhpStorm 10 provides Dataflow Analysis features to help you better understand your project's code, interpret complicated parts of code, find bottlenecks in the source code, and more.

Tracing dataflow is especially useful when working with third-party code or working in large teams with shared code.

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Frameworks, Tools, and more

PHPUnit 5 in PhpStorm

PHPUnit 5 support

PhpStorm 10 supports all the new features and improvements in the recently released PHPUnit 5, the most widely used testing framework in PHP. These include:

  • The new @depends
  • Tests marked as @small can also be marked as risky if they perform I/O
  • Added assertations assertFinite(), assertInfinite() and assertNan()

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Docker Support

Docker support

With the new Docker plugin for PhpStorm, you can add Docker support to existing projects, view logs, and manage Docker containers from inside PhpStorm.

You can also debug your web applications with either Xdebug or Zend Debugger.

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Other improvements include smarty comments folding, and Twig template language which is enabled automatically for specific file extensions.

In addition to our own efforts to support the latest technologies and tools, the ecosystem of third-party plugins for PhpStorm is evolving at a steady pace. Make sure to check out our repository for new plugins available for various frameworks and tools.

Top-notch Web Technologies

Flow Support

Flow support

With PhpStorm 10 you can already start using the type annotations that Flow adds to JavaScript. When using annotated functions or methods, you'll get typed parameter info in code completion.

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Angular2 Support

Angular 2 support

Angular 2 support in PhpStorm includes code completion and navigation for directives and bindings, and understanding new event attributes, for either TypeScript or ECMAScript 2015.

TSLint Support


PhpStorm provides integration with TSLint, a linter for TypeScript code. Enable it to see warnings and errors from TSLint right in the editor, as you type.

As usual, all features and improvements of WebStorm are available in PhpStorm either out of the box or with free plugins available in the repository. Other noteworthy web-related features include better ECMAScript 2015 support, TypeScript 1.5 and 1.6, improved React support, formatting for chained method calls, new Node.js inspections, flame charts in Node.js CPU profiler, the possibility to run a single Mocha test, and more.

IDE improvements

Encode HTML Special Symbols in PhpStorm

Encode HTML special symbols

PhpStorm 10 helps you encode special symbols in HTML code, replacing them with HTML entities that start with &.

Simply select a symbol or block of code and invoke Encode XML/HTML Special Characters.

Preview for Find in Path in PhpStorm

Preview for Find in path

To make the Find in Path action more responsive, the new Preview tab shows the first 100 search results right away. With this feature you can find what you need quicker, without even leaving the dialog.

Adjusting Code Style Settings in PhpStorm

Adjusting code style settings

Configuring your code style just got easier. Select a code fragment, press Alt+Enter and choose Adjust code style settings action. You will be able to see and adjust the code style settings that can be applied to this piece of code, with a live preview available.

Project Management in PhpStorm

Project management

Use the Manage Projects window for better access to all the projects you've recently worked on, and group them the way you like.

Your projects are always at your fingertips, accessible both from PhpStorm Welcome screen and the Manage Projects... pop-up menu within the IDE.

Database tools in PhpStorm

Database tools improvements

On the database side, the following improvements have been implemented by our colleagues from the IntelliJ Team, which are also available in PhpStorm:

  • Native introspection for MySQL, PostgreSQL, MS SQL
  • Configurable behavior of the Execute action
  • New Modify Table window

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