JetBrains ETW Host Service

An essential Windows service to capture kernel- and application-level events.

What is JetBrains ETW Host Service?

Event Tracing for Windows, commonly referred to as ETW, is the foundation for the Windows Performance Toolkit.

The ETW Host Service is a Windows service that allows JetBrains .NET tools to capture kernel- and application-level events without additional elevation requests. Capturing events is meant to be non-invasive and with minimal overhead for the process.

Which tools use ETW Host Service?

Rider and ReSharper

ETW powers Dynamic Program Analysis (DPA) in Rider and ReSharper. DPA runs in the background as your application executes, gathering information about large and small object allocations. Without the service, our DPA feature would not work.


Both dotTrace and dotTrace Command Line Tools can use the ETW to capture events during a profiling session in Timeline mode.


The ETW Host Service allows users to programmatically capture ETW events when the Timeline profiling mode is being used.