ReSharper С++ Documentation

What's the best way to quickly learn the basics of ReSharper C++?

Watch this 15-minute intro video in which Dmitri Nesteruk highlights different feature groups of ReSharper C++ including navigation and search, code analysis, refactorings, and code generation.

How do I explore ReSharper C++ in all its variety?

Since ReSharper C++ originates from ReSharper for .NET developers, you might want to explore ReSharper Online Help that the two products share. It offers a thorough description of functionality available in the ReSharper family.

To focus on functionality that is specific to ReSharper C++, see ReSharper C++ Features on this web site or ReSharper by Language: C++ that is part of the Online Help. There's also ReSharper C++ Data Sheet (.pdf) that fits the most relevant information on ReSharper C++ into a single page.

How is ReSharper C++ better than plain Visual Studio?

ReSharper C++ is way more powerful than even the latest releases of Visual Studio in terms of code analysis, set of refactorings and code transformations, depth of navigation support and in many more respects. For a brief overview of ReSharper value over recent versions of Visual Studio, see the following docs:

How does ReSharper C++ match against competing tools?

One of the frequently asked questions about ReSharper C++ is how it compares to Visual Assist, the other well-known Visual Studio extension for C++ developers.

To meet the demand, we made an extensive research of both tools and came up with a comparison table. We tried to make it comprehensive and as neutral as we possibly can. Please see ReSharper C++ vs. Visual Assist, and submit your comments if you know how we can further improve the comparison.

How do I learn ReSharper C++ shortcuts?

If you prefer to use as many keyboard commands as possible in Visual Studio, use the following cheat sheets to master a ReSharper C++ keyboard scheme of your choice:

  • ReSharper C++ Default Keymap (.pdf): Visual Studio scheme (optimized for experienced Visual Studio users, overrides as few native Visual Studio shortcuts as possible)
  • ReSharper C++ Default Keymap (.pdf): ReSharper 2.x / IntelliJ IDEA scheme (optimized for users of other JetBrains tools such as IntelliJ IDEA, PhpStorm and other IntelliJ-based IDEs)
ReSharper C++ keyboard shortcuts