ReSharper Documentation

What's the best way to quickly learn ReSharper basics?

Watch a series of videos made by our team of .NET developer advocates and published in our .NET guide. It takes you step-by-step to uncover essential features and workflows in ReSharper.

You can start with this video about navigating through a code base, and continue with editing code, inspections and quick-fixes, refactoring, additions to the Visual Studio debugger, unit testing, architecture tools and diagrams, the localization manager, and more!

How do I explore ReSharper in all its variety?

If you want to dive into ReSharper's diverse feature set, try ReSharper Online Help for an all-around description of language support, specific features, and how and why to use them.

What if I still have questions?

If something is unclear about ReSharper or you experience any difficulties with it, visit ReSharper Knowledge Base to check frequently asked questions, or harness the collective intelligence of our community forum.

How is ReSharper better than plain Visual Studio?

ReSharper is way more powerful than even the latest releases of Visual Studio in terms of code analysis, set of refactorings and code transformations, depth of navigation support and in many more respects. For a brief overview of ReSharper value over recent versions of Visual Studio, see the following docs:

How can ReSharper help solve common .NET development tasks?

ReSharper helps with a great deal of frequent software development and maintenance tasks, such as finding unused code, complying with naming guidelines, detecting possible runtime exceptions, or adopting software design patterns. See ReSharper Cookbook for tutorials on undertaking these and other tasks using ReSharper.

How do I convince my boss that ReSharper is a valuable addition to our tool set?

There's a presentation called ReSharper Benefits (.pdf) that looks at ReSharper functionality from a ROI perspective and provides a basic way to estimate how a development team benefits from using ReSharper.

There's also ReSharper Data Sheet (.pdf) that fits the most relevant information on ReSharper into two print pages.

How do I learn ReSharper keyboard shortcuts?

ReSharper is a great tool for everyone. However, keyboard-centric developers get additional value out of it as it maps most of its actions to keyboard shortcuts. Use these cheat sheets to master your ReSharper keyboard scheme of choice:

ReSharper keyboard shortcuts

How do I tweak ReSharper to my liking or according to my team standard?

Default ReSharper settings aren't perfect for everyone. For example, you might want to modify default naming rules or modify severity for certain code inspections. Refer to ReSharper Customization Guide for guidelines on these and other tweaks.

You can also use numerous ReSharper plugins that extend or modify ReSharper functionality, or even create your own plugins, and ReSharper Plugin Development Guide is going to help you with that.

ReSharper customization and plugin development guides