What is a CI audit?

A CI (Continuous Integration) audit is a review of a software development team's process for integrating code changes into the main codebase. The purpose of a CI audit is to evaluate the effectiveness and efficiency of the team's CI process and CI/CD pipelines and to identify any areas for improvement.

During a CI audit, the team's CI process is examined in detail, including the tools and technologies used, the frequency of code integrations, and the methods for testing and deploying code changes. The audit may also look at how the team handles conflicts and merge conflicts, and how it tracks and resolves issues that arise during the CI process.

The goal of a CI audit is to ensure that the team's CI process is efficient, reliable, and effective at delivering high-quality software on a regular basis. This can help the team to identify and resolve problems early in the development process, which can save time and resources and improve the overall quality of the software.