Key Integrations


First class Docker support out of the box:

  • Build Docker images as a separate build step.
  • Automaticlly launch Docker Compose build services as the build begins, and shut them down when the build is finished.
  • Run a build step within a specified Docker container, as an extension to other runners (Gradle, Maven, Ant, and Command line)
  • Clean up all the images published by the build.
  • Turn on a Docker registry connection.

Learn more about TeamCity's Docker integration

Issue Trackers

TeamCity integration with JetBrains YouTrack works both ways:

  • TeamCity detects issue IDs mentioned in changes and provides links to YouTrack.
  • YouTrack can be configured to import information about a change from TeamCity and add it to the issue. YouTrack can even apply different commands to the issues if they are mentioned in TeamCity changes.

TeamCity also supports Jira and Bugzilla out of the box and can be integrated easily with other systems via plugins.


TeamCity has many features for native Maven support under the hood, including: automatic setup of Maven build steps in build configuration, sharing of common Maven settings across projects, and visualization of the various project data gathered from POM.
TeamCity can also trigger builds when a specified Maven artifact changes.

Visual Studio Team Services

Integration with Visual Studio Team Services lets you set up VSTS as your source control in TeamCity (both Git and TFVC are supported), link TeamCity builds and version control history with Work Items, and receive build statuses for commits and pull requests in your Git repositories.


With extensive NuGet integration TeamCity can install and update NuGet packages on agents, create and publish packages to a NuGet feed.
TeamCity can also act as NuGet feed server, and trigger builds on changes in a specified NuGet package.
Since 2018.2, TeamCity lets you specify multiple NuGet feeds to be used by builds in a project and all its subprojects.

VCS Hosting Services

  • Connect TeamCity to your GitHub and BitBucket issue tracker for automatic fetching and display of information about issues.
  • Publish build status right to GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket, and Upsource once the build is finished.
  • Create projects directly from GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab repositories, without even providing a URL. TeamCity will connect to your VCS and list all the available repositories – you just need to pick one.