TeamCity On-Premises 2024.03 Help

Integrating TeamCity with Other Tools

One of the key features of TeamCity is straightforward integration with modern software technologies and platforms. To ensure our users are able to integrate every component of their CI/CD pipeline with TeamCity, we either:

  • provide smart detection and handy UI controls on the TeamCity side, or

  • expose specialized REST API endpoints for easier scripting and integration on a third-party system's side.

There are many places in the TeamCity UI where you can set up or adjust software integrations, depending on their context. This article gives an overview of third-party software and platforms supported in TeamCity out of the box. Remember that you can extend this scope by installing additional plugins or even writing your own ones.
See also versions of platforms and environments currently supported in TeamCity.

The tables below are updated in accordance with the newly introduced integrations and whenever we have extra guides to share.

Operating Systems and Databases

Software Development Platforms and Build Tools


Available Integrations

Extra Guides and Tutorials

Java, including

  • Maven

  • Gradle

  • Ant

.NET, including

  • MSBuild

  • NAnt

  • Visual Studio Solutions

  • FxCop

  • C# Script

  • C#

  • VB.NET

  • NuGet

Command Line

  • Performing any command-line actions across platforms with the simple Command Line runner






SBT (Scala)


Testing Frameworks and Code Coverage

Version Control Systems

Data Transfer Protocols

VCS Hosting Services


Available Integrations

Extra Guides and Tutorials / GitHub Enterprise / GitLab CE/EE

Bitbucket Cloud / Bitbucket Server

Azure DevOps Services

JetBrains Space

Virtualization Solutions

Cloud Hosting and Orchestration Solutions


Available Integrations

Amazon EC2

VMWare vSphere and vCenter


Microsoft Azure
(via additional plugin)

Read how to install a plugin in TeamCity.

Google Cloud
(via additional plugin)

Read how to install a plugin in TeamCity.

Issue Trackers

Integration with issue trackers is also represented in terms of integration with VCS hosting services.


Notification Services

TeamCity can also send notifications via email.

Last modified: 29 February 2024