Automated Code Review

Achieve better code quality, advance your development skills, make changes visible to the whole team, and engage in technical discussions through effective code reviews with Upsource.

Fluid workflow

Pick a workflow that’s best for your team. You can let your team decide which changes require a code review, or set up automatic code review creation when a change occurs in certain parts of your project. You can also combine these approaches. Upsource will suggest reviewers based on the history of changed files and code review history.

Code insight

Spend less time evaluating new changes. Upsource helps you understand each change and its quality faster, by providing server-side static code analysis, code-aware navigation, and search for usages. You can compare symbol usages across two revisions, and see if a change introduced new code inspection warnings. Learn more about code insight in Upsource.

Code review assistance

Never get lost in a code review: see the read/unread state of each file and which revisions have already been approved. When new revisions are added to the code review, you’ll only need to inspect them and won’t have to start from the beginning. Examine changes in a preferred manner: an inline diff or a side by side view.

Post-commit / Pull requests

Create a post-commit code review on any change with just one click, attach new revisions to the review manually, or mention the review ID in the commit message (or let Upsource guess it for you). You can also review entire feature branches, or GitHub pull requests in which cases new revisions are added to the review automatically.

Problems labeled and solved

Categorize and prioritize any concerns raised during a code review, by applying labels to discussions. Use predefined labels and create additional ones on a per-project basis. Resolve a discussion after the problem is addressed, or log an issue in your bug tracker straight from a code review.

Code review from IDE

To help developers stay in their comfort zone, Upsource features a code review plugin for IntelliJ IDEA and other JetBrains IDEs. These plugins allow you to participate in code discussions and manage code reviews from the comfort of your IDE. Almost all the features that are available to you in the web UI are also accessible from the plugin. Learn more about IDE plugins.