for Kanban Teams

Kanban is all about delivering in a continuous flow, and YouTrack is all about making that happen.

1. Create the board

Kanban Board
  • Use the Kanban template to create a board.
  • Add columns representing the different stages in the pipeline.
  • Define maximum number of work-in-progress to monitor the number of tasks in each column.
  • Use swimlanes to highlight important functionality.

2. Tune YouTrack to fit your process

  • Use a Cumulative flow chart to see how the tasks are distributed at the moment.
  • Set up notifications to get notified when the task is moved to a specific column.
  • Add custom workflows to automatically assign tasks to people when the state of them changes.
  • Use backlog right on the board if you follow Kanban methodology.

3. Use Knowledge Base

Knowledge Base
  • Keep your meeting notes, product requirements, and internal processes descriptions
  • Discuss

Secret sauce from the Clion team at JetBrains

Product teams at JetBrains establish their own workflows to match their goals, working habits, and personalities. The development teams for AppCode and CLion follow a Kanban-inspired framework. They use Kanban boards to manage everyday activities related to the development of these two IDEs.


The teams decide whether to add an issue to the board based on a queue of prioritized tasks.


The highest priority issues are placed at the top of the queue.


When developers want to start progress on an issue from the queue, they just change the value of the Kanban State field.


A workflow automatically updates the values in the issues that are managed on the board.

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