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It’s not necessary to follow a specific methodology. Sometimes there is just a process that is right for your team or you simply want to track tasks on your own. You can customize YouTrack to fit your process.

Create a personal board

If you want to track your own tasks or see a specific set of tasks on a board, you can create a custom board that contains only those tasks that you are interested in.

Personal Board
  • Choose a personal board template to create a board.
  • Add multiple projects on it to track issues from different teams.
  • Use state field for the columns on the board to have “open”, “in progress” columns.
  • Set swimlanes by the due date to track and handle tasks so you never miss a deadline.

Manage multiple projects

Managing issues in multiple projects can be tricky, especially when each project team follows its own working process. Create a board and add the projects you work on in the board settings.

Multiple projects
  • Identify columns by values from the State field.
  • Use swimlanes to identify issues of various types from different projects.
  • Issues from the projects that are managed on the board can be shown as cards.
    For example, if your colleague changes the state of the card to “in progress” you will see it on your board.

Use personal dashboard

Get an overview of the current status of your tasks and monitor the progress of your team. In YouTrack you can add widgets that are available by default or add your own custom widgets.

Personal Dashboard
  • A report widget displays the calculation of a predefined report.
  • The project team widget helps you quickly find the right person in the right team.
  • The personal time tracking widget lets you be aware of how much time have you spent working on issues.
  • The countdown widget tracks how much time is left until the event.

Keep on track with Knowledge base

Personal Knowledge Base
  • Organize everything in one place – manage requirements and plan future releases with tables and checklists, and enjoy discussing your next team meeting with gifs and embedded videos in the adjacent page tree.
  • Create your private sections with personal notes and action items that no one except you will see.
  • Decide who will access your documents – you alone, specified team members, or everyone.
  • Use documents, videos, and pictures to collect all the information you need in one place.
  • Use full-text search to find all relevant articles and important documents.
  • Subscribe to important articles and never miss an update.

Secret Sauce from the YouTrack Product Marketing Managers at JetBrains

The product marketing managers have to follow the progress of issues in various projects. YouTrack helps you easily do this:


They track the process on a team board, marketing board, and a personal board. To put these boards at the top of the list they mark the boards as favorite.


They use swimlanes as “features” on the marketing board, and add the “due date” on personal boards.


They add “spent time” to track the time spent on the issues.

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