for Scrum Teams

YouTrack has everything a Scrum team needs to manage the full project lifecycle, and more.

Scrum Boards

Organize your process on agile boards in YouTrack.

1. Create an Agile Board

Agile Board
  • Use the Scrum template to create a board.
  • Add a backlog or create a new one that will be used on your board. A backlog in YouTrack is a collection of issues that match specific criteria (saved search).
  • Use the state field for the columns on the board to have “open”, “in progress”, and other columns.
  • Merge columns with similar values in order to better reflect your process.

2. Plan sprints using the backlog

  • Use backlog to plan which features are added to the sprint.
  • Estimate your tasks and track the results of the sprint.
  • Schedule a sprint and add a goal so the whole team is aware of it.
  • When the sprint is finished, you can automatically add unresolved issues to a new sprint.

3. Have productive standups and retrospectives

  • Create a burndown chart on the board to compare the ideal versus real effort.
  • Get an overview of your team activities with widgets on the dashboard.
  • Use the TV mode for a better experience. Drag your issues onto the board or see the changes applied on your laptop on the TV with the board live update.
  • When the sprint is finished, you can automatically add unresolved issues to a new sprint.

4. Use Knowledge Base

Use Knowledge Base
  • Keep meeting notes, product requirements, internal processes descriptions and other working documents in one place.
  • Mention your teammates in comments for effective collaboration and discussions.
  • Create your private sections with personal notes and action items that no one except you will see.
  • Use full-text search to find all relevant articles and important documents.

Secret sauce from the YouTrack team at JetBrains

You don’t have to follow the classic scrum framework to be agile.
YouTrack team deviates from the classic scrum:


We don’t estimate tasks.


We continuously add new issues to the board during the sprint.


We split issues that were created during the planning into smaller tasks.


Only one issue can be in progress per person.


If one task is in progress for more than 3 days, a special workflow tags it and the team discuss the task.

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